Seeking A Better Place to Hang


I have had enough. I deactivated my Facebook account today. I’ve been thinking about it seriously since the summer. Although there are people on there that I love to follow, I just can’t do it anymore. No matter how many people you unfollow or hide or block, some angry idiot always finds you to slap you in the face when you post.

I’m not the only one. My sister left Facebook the day after the election, and my friend Nancy has been on and off of it regularly. I had minimized my friends list to people that I would call my real friends – you know, the ones who actually have interacted with me instead of just stalking me on Facebook so they can talk about me behind my back.


I’ve tried to focus on going to pages that inspire me and post uplifting and positive messages, but the trolls rip those people apart. I come away angry and disillusioned all over again. What has happened to people? It appears that the world has given way to the 7 deadliest sins: greed, lust, pride, wrath, envy, gluttony and sloth. I’m not going to provide the proof because I just did a yoga practice on stillness, and I don’t want to get riled up again. Jesus has to be shaking his head.

I actually don’t believe anything has happened to people. It’s always been this way, and hateful thoughts were just well hidden. With very little interaction where people felt free to speak their minds, we really didn’t know anything about others except the shiny, polished exterior. One of the reasons I love recovery is that I’m around people who don’t hide behind that polished image of who they want to be or even worse – who they think they SHOULD be. But they don’t just show their ugliness, they are on a path to get their insides to match their outsides. We need to have an election recovery group.


I’m going to focus on Instagram. I may even try Snapchat. Perhaps I’ll learn how to use Pinterest to share my blog. One of the main reasons that I stayed on Facebook was to share my blog, but it’s just not worth it anymore. My attitude is being affected, and I’m going to make a choice to hang out in places where people don’t feel the need to insult people.

When I was growing up, Momma was insistent that I would become who I hung out with. She was right. I find myself turning into the worst of the offenders. Luckily, I restrain myself from actually typing what I really want to say, but then I have to eat those words. And when I eat nasty, unkind, angry words, it makes me sick. You are what you eat.

WordPress has a blog community with thousands of writers. They actually give some thought to the things they write, and they are supportive of one another. I have my choice of poetry, prose, news, health and fitness articles and even photography essays. And there are ways to build my community here. If you are interested in exploring blogs, check out Freshly Pressed. It’s the best of the best on WordPress.

I’ve also fallen in love with the integrity and wisdom of Dan Rather. He has a website with all kinds of content that is inspiring, interesting and thought-provoking.

New and Guts


And I think I’m going to subscribe to the New York Times and limit my news consumption to a few unbiased news outlets. I know which ones are credible and which ones are marketing to a certain group. Besides I like good writing. I grew up in a newspaper family. While all news has some inherent bias, there are some out there that are pure propaganda. I am making a conscious choice to ignore those.

I’m going to have to create some new habits. But I’m sort of excited about it. I want to get back to a world where I’m steeped in the integrity of intelligent and compassionate people. In AA, they say that you should seek out people who have what you want. I certainly don’t want what I’m seeing on Facebook. They can have that. Karma is real.

12 Comments on “Seeking A Better Place to Hang

  1. I understand your pain. I too want to grow and be around people who are growing. My recovery friends are true. Thanks for your blog. It inspires me. Mary Ellen Brown

  2. Totally understand! I’ve just decided to simply look at facebook once a day (to keep up with family postings). I keep going between putting my head in the sand and taking to the streets! What’s next? Give it some space to see what develops. Being frightened. Being angry. Trying to be prayerful and hopeful and positive. Yes, Jesus would definitely be shaking his head!

    • I know!!!! I wish I could be disciplined enough to look once a day, but I’m not. I know that much about myself.thanks for commenting.

  3. Sorry to see you go my friend! I am amused by people’s posts on facebook. The majority of people don’t understand the real issues, and believe whatever blogs they read. I use it as a form of amusement. My profession has trained me to let things roll off my back. I guess I approach FB with the same attitude.

  4. Sharon, please I want to still be able to read your blog and see the adventures of you and your furry friends. They always make me laugh. I understand, however, the decision you have made to leave Facebook.

  5. Sharon I am also tired of all the bickering, lies, hate on FB as well. I think you’re probably right those people have always been in our society, they just really had no way to put those feelings into a format like the social media that we have with FB. I think they also probably feel safer behind that thumb!
    I think that maybe the ability to share others post on Facebook is part of the problem. If we only had the ability to post what we personally text, it would probably be a lot kinder format
    I also gave thought after reading your blog, if I could only keep 20 friends who would they be? I’m going to have to think about that. Thank you for your blog, and have a great evening.

  6. Thanks, Cy. You know if we each could only choose 20 friends, Facebook might be a better experience. It would be more intimate, and we’d probably actually feel safe sharing with each other. When I had so many friends, it just seemed like only the people I really didn’t know showed up in my news feed. For years, I set up individual secret groups with each of my girlfriends, and we had a private space to talk and chat and post things. I loved those rooms. They were safe and they were a haven for me.

  7. Yep. I’ve taken to only reading the news via BBC. Amazingly, there are things going on in OTHER countries! (Not just the US!) And, now I know the latest Cricket scores! 🙂

    • I know, right! Once I subscribed to the Times, I now realize that the arts are thriving, there are great books still being written, and there are fabulous people doing the nags regardless of the political drama. Facebook has a one track mind.

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