Day 2: A Little Bit Unexpected



So, today I was pleasantly surprised that I felt more connected to people than ever – no Facebook needed. I got emails from several friends, texts from others and have even gained a couple of new blog followers from Instagram. One even sent me an email to tell me her story. It seems that life after Facebook is … well …. pleasantly social!

Tonight I went to dinner with some old friends. I felt the urge a couple of times to take pictures of my food and post, but I realized that it wasn’t necessary without Facebook. I suppose I could have posted to Instagram, but you really can’t tag people so it’s just not the same. I like a feature that Instagram offers that’s called “My Story”. I can post pics and videos all day to “My Story”, and people can view it as a slideshow. In 24 hours, it disappears. I’ll give that a try on one of my adventures. It’s not the same as a Facebook photo album, but I can make photo albums on Google Plus, and, of course I can post them on here.


It spit snow all day but nothing ever stuck. It’s supposed to snow the next few days but it doesn’t look like much accumulation. It’s really weird. The winter has had a few cold spells, but I always remember there being snow on the ground most of January and February. I guess it’s getting warmer up here, too. It’s just been foggy and dreary with rain for the last two weeks. My friend Laura in Louisiana said the azaleas are already blooming down there. It’s like we had winter for 3 weeks in December, and then it stopped. All I know is I will not have to suffer in July anymore! Yay!!!!!!




A little present from Louisiana arrived on my doorstep today. My friend Michael bakes King Cakes every year, and he sent me one. I was so excited to receive the colorful sweet bundle. King Cakes are served in Louisiana during Carnival season, and they are served in offices, at parties and anywhere people are gathering. My Facebook feed has been full of photos of people at Mardi Gras balls for the last few weeks. It is one of the things I miss. Even though we still have Christmas lights lit up here, there will be no festivities until Memorial Day. But in Louisiana, they are dancing and eating and socializing like there is no tomorrow. The normal holiday season is just a warm-up for Mardi Gras.

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My friend Laura’s comment about the azaleas reminded me of one of my favorite days in Louisiana. A friend of mine came into town from Memphis, and we went to Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge. It a small bar in a small Cajun town that has a Zydeco breakfast on Saturday mornings. This is no quiet brunch. It’s an all-out dancing party at 8 in the morning. On the way out, we spotted some blooming potted Camelia bushes. It was my first winter in Louisiana after many, many years, and I was so delighted to see flowers in January.

I felt the same delight today when so many people were contacting me. I’d opened up a little space for something new by letting go of Facebook. The Universe gave me a little gift for trying something new – a confirmation that this could be good for me. Maybe it would bring new people into my life that have been living in other social circles. Perhaps those that have just been on the sidelines of my life might now make more effort to stay really connected. And maybe I would work a little harder at staying in touch, too. It was as unexpected and as pleasant as seeing flowers in January.


4 Comments on “Day 2: A Little Bit Unexpected

  1. Hi Sharon! Since loosing my mom my emotions are all over the place and part of what gives me a smile is your posts on facebook. When I noticed I hadn’t seen you post I went looking for you. My first thought was that you unfriended me (my codependancy slip was showing) and I felt another loss. I was really getting into poor pitiful me and then I realized even Midlife moments wasn’t showing up on Facebook either and it occurred to me that perhaps you got off Facebook. So I went in search of your blog and here you are! I honor you for your choice and certainly applaud you for moving on. I agree with everything you have said about people being mean and rude. Last week I entertained the thought of stepping away too. My emotions are too raw to read all the emotions of politics. I wish I could join you in gerring away and out in nature. My soul is telling me to go! I think Paul and I will plan a hike for later in February. Have to deal with my mom’s estate and will be in Omaha on the 9th . Already had reservations to celebrate her 85th birthday so going home to have a dinner with close family to celebrate her life and take care of business. Then it’s out in nature to ease the call of my soul. Keep moving forward my courageous and strong friend! You got this! I’m glad I found you! You’re words keep me motivated and hopeful! Hugs to you and Ashok. 💜

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I just couldn’t take it anymore, and I’m enjoying my crossover to the lighter side. I love Instagram and am chronicling this weeks adventures there and on Twitter. Follow your souls lead. I don’t know what I’d do without the opportunity to go hug some trees! I love you. Big hugs all around you.

  2. Hi Sharon! SO… you left Facebook-land, eh? I don’t blame you. The last few weeks have been so emotionally chaotic, that I found myself having serious anxiety caused by scrolling my FB feed. So I put the phone down, and have forced myself not to scroll – just post. Things are just too depressing! And everyday it’s something new to get outraged about! Taking a step back to get a breath is very wise. Also, spending time outdoors is extremely wise. I’ve been doing the same. I have to get out, talk to the dogs and watch the goats – and not think about what’s going on in the wider world. It isn’t easy to let go of all that, but it’s not healthy to hang on every single word posted about politics. So, good for you, my friend!

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