Test Something for Me, Please!


Hey, my friends. I’ve been a bit down lately so I haven’t posted my blog, but I did want to share my pics from the weekend. After leaving Facebook, I’m really sad that I can’t share my pics anymore, so I’m looking for a new way to share.

Last weekend Ashok and I went hiking by PawPaw River, climbed the dunes at Warren Dunes State Park and hiked 13 miles on – AND off – the North Country Trail. It was a beautiful 60-degree weekend.

Click on the below link and see what you think about Snapfish’s photo-sharing platform. You can click on the little zoom iconΒ and see the pics in a slideshow. I believe you can even comment on the album (although I’m not sure about that). I’d love to know if this is an easy way to share pictures and whether or not you like it! Please test it out and let me know.

Thanks! I’m feeling better… I’ll be back soon.

Click here!

26 Comments on “Test Something for Me, Please!

  1. Missed your blog…figured you were very busy. Pics are easy to see only downside is couldn’t find a way to “like” or comment which is fun

  2. I went to the snapfish site and saw your photos. Great ones BTW. I didn’t see any captions. I am a tech moron, but your directions made it easy. Thx!😊❀

  3. Loved seeing the pics! So beautiful! I couldn’t figure out how to comment on pics or album but love the idea!

  4. Loved the pics. Hope you are feeling better. Have missed you!! Kiss Ashok for me. Hugs to you!!πŸ’œ

  5. I miss seeing your beautiful face everyday on facebook, but completely understand your reasons for leaving. The photos were lovely and honest – I could almost feel the cold. My favorite, however, was the one of you and Ashok. It brought both a tear and a smile. Love to you both!

  6. Yep — love the slideshow on snapfish. thanks for the reminder…love their site and you can make books and other items from your pictures.

  7. Gorgeous scenery!! Snapchat works for me. Did you make a new friend along the way? Or take her with you? The beach scenes are my favorites

    • I met her at one of the Meetup groups. She may be my new hiking buddy. Thank you for testing. I have another couple of options to try too.

  8. Tried it and was super easy to view. Did not see how I could comment though. If I went to caption, it would type on the pic next to your comment. Could me be!
    I hope you are up to par soon. I miss your blog and your smiling mug too!

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