Morning’s Promise


This morning’s Daily Calm meditation was called Morning. The voice that lulls me into a meditative state every morning urged me to take note of the wonderful part of the day that we call morning. It is the time of day when everything about to happen is simply a possibility.

I don’t always pay attention to the possibility of morning. Sometimes I rush through its long list of “to do” items with very little mindfulness. Feed the dog and the cats… drink my kefir and make another batch… write my morning pages … brush my teeth … don’t forget my dry brushing … take a quick shower and style my hair … apply makeup … pay the bill I forgot to pay over the weekend. I rush through it without any attention to what it might bring.


Last year there was a single day where I got laid off at my job. When I awoke that day, I had no idea what that day would bring. There was a single day where I got the call from Whirlpool. There was a single day when the floods came in Louisiana and almost all of my friend’s lives were changed forever. Moving day changed my base of operation forever. There was a first day on my new job. There was a day that brought the first snow … and recently there was the day that the first flower bloomed. Today could have similar promise.

I always say that I never know when a day will be the day I fall in love again, and my life will be forever changed. Could today be that day? Or might it be the day that I get an idea for a book that inspires me to finally write it? Could it be the day that I inspire someone else in a way that changes their life forever? Or could today be the day of my death? Or could it be a simple day that brings a moment of connection with a stranger that is meaningful only in the moment? Even simple days contribute to the tapestry of my life.


I’m not sure how you approach the morning, but my meditation helped me look at this one a little differently. The pink dogwood tree in my front yard seems hopeful about the day today. Its days in bloom are numbered, so today has a special significance to it and those of us who are inspired by its beauty.

Let’s take an attitude of reverence for today …. even though it is a Monday. This may be the first morning of the week that changes your life forever. Make it count!


3 Comments on “Morning’s Promise

  1. Plugging along, thank you 🙂 Recently had a big party for our 25th wedding anniversary and it took a lot out of me! The wedding was easier when my mom was around to help out LOL Now I’m just trying to get back to normal and looking forward to some better weather. Like other places, this has been Seattle’s wettest winter since they’ve been keeping records, and I am ready for some sunshine! Or at least hoping yesterday’s thunderstorms don’t crop up again for my half marathon tomorrow…

    Hope you have a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend, Sharon!

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