Happy Memorial Day!

I’ve been busy! I want to get back in the habit of blogging. I miss it. My blog misses me. And I just miss the ritual of writing. This past week I went to a conference for work in Atlanta. 12 hours a day I was networking, learning and walking through a massive conference center right next door to CNN Center and the Centennial Olympic Park. I had some great meals, had some fun and learned a lot – but the truth be told I didn’t like Atlanta. It was dirty, didn’t feel safe and was just not my cup of tea. So, I’m glad to be back in the Midwest for Memorial Day.

We get two days off for the big holidays, so I have today and Monday to play in the sun and circulate with the tourists. This is the first big weekend that they are back in force, and we will now need to share our lovely little beachfront town with our Chicagoland visitors. It will be more crowded until Labor Day, but there will be lots more amenities and fun things to enjoy. I now live in a beachfront town!

My sister is flying in from New Orleans today. I’m on the train to meet her. We will stay in Chicago tonight, head back to St. Joe tomorrow and then head north to Traverse City to finish off our adventure. I’ve never been to Traverse City, but I’ve heard it’s fabulous. If we are lucky, we’ll get to see the Northern Lights! But, I’ll have to stay up past my usual bedtime as it doesn’t really get dark in Michigan until about 9:30 these days. We’ll see what we are up for.

So I hope to post this weekend. You can also follow me on Instagram at @MidlifeMoments. I post a lot of my pics to My Story, so you’ll need to connect with me to view that. But you can also search for #midlifemoments to pull up my regular Instagram shares. 

Have a great holiday weekend and please share your pics! We all need to have a little fun.


2 Comments on “Happy Memorial Day!

  1. Hope you enjoy T.C. I was in Suttons Bay yesterday at Hop Lot Brewing Company to meet my kids. Perfect weather, wasn’t it. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.


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