Happy Sunday Morning

I am enjoying a quiet morning on a bluff overlooking South Haven MI. My sister is at Mass, and I’m partaking of my own spiritual food. 

It is warm. I feel the sun on my neck. A gentle cool breeze ruffles my skin after passing over that Great Lake. Seagulls land in the green waters and bob up and down until they take flight. Tiny people stand by the lighthouse watching the sailboats blow past on still waters.

I meditated with my eyes open today, taking in God’s creation and bathing in my gratitude of being present in this moment. Today will be busy like yesterday was busy. But for this time, my mind relaxes. It is a gift. 

It’s hard to believe that we spent yesterday in noisy, energized Chicago. It seems a world away but it is literally across the lake from where I sit nestled in nature. Both are beautiful but my mind prefers this solitude. 

Later today we will shop and eat good food and have to deal with the predicted rain. But right now I deal with nothing. If a picture could describe bliss, this is it.

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