A Saturn with a Clutch

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The Daily Prompt today is clutch.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the only new car I ever bought. It was a red Saturn coupe with a sunroof and manual transmission. I had driven several cars with manual transmission, and I actually preferred it. It was kind of fun to have so much control over it, and for every turn, start or stop to require my intervention and energy.

I bought this car when I was engaged to a guy from Seattle. We had just moved to Michigan, and he did not bring his muscle car that wasn’t very practical for snow. We needed to buy another car so he could drive to college, and I could drive to work. Saturn was a brand that catered to females and featured the first no-haggle buying promise. The price was the price. And when you picked up your new car, they put it up front with a big red bow on it. I was handed a rose and,  they took my picture with it. It was all very exciting.

It was exciting until we went to lunch afterwards to celebrate and my fiancee told me he quit school. That was a dealbreaker. He had already told me he didn’t want to find a job, and I was concerned about the direction this was taking. We broke up that day, and he headed back to Seattle with all of his crap two days later. I was left with two cars and a house note that was intended to be financed by two people. It was just another lesson in getting to know people better before you commit to them.

I loved that car. After he left, I remember driving up Hwy 31 to Manistee MI to stay in a bed-and-breakfast that we had booked for us that weekend. It was my first fall here, and the leaves were beautiful. My B&B hosts were really nice, and I had a very relaxing and beautiful weekend walking around in Manistee.

I never even paid the car off. My second husband didn’t like having a car with manual transmission. He didn’t find beauty in the simplicity of it. So, one day he told me he wanted to sell it so he could buy a car we both could drive in case we ever needed to switch. It was only one of the things I loved that I got rid of because he didn’t like it. He bugged the hell out of me to sell my beautiful four-poster bed because he didn’t like it, and I finally did. I think he got $500 for it on some website. I still want that bed back. And, to be honest, I’d like to have that Saturn back, too. I still see those cars every now and again even though Saturn is long out of business. They were good cars, and mine was really sporty and cute, too.

Funny, when I think about this story, I bought the car for one star-crossed lover and got rid of it for another. Maybe that car was just a catalyst for a couple of life lessons. I stood up for myself and sent one guy packing. In the other case, I swallowed my voice and let somebody else sell something I loved. I am a Capricorn, and Saturn is my ruling planet. I suppose on some level I should have known that a buying a Saturn would be much more significant than just a mode of transportation.

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