Sundays in Saugatuck: Relaxing Holiday


It seems like just yesterday, I penned my blog about the long vacation waiting ahead of me. I feel more rested at this point than I did then even though I ran a 7-miler this morning. Yesterday was particularly relaxing. I only left my house to go to the YMCA for a workout. The rest of the day was filled with reading, blogging, researching writing courses and snuggling with my fur babies. I got a chance to catch up with my friend Kristine on Facetime in a “just woke up, no makeup, bad hair day” coffee date.

I also Facetimed with my friend Leah from Memphis on Wednesday. I actually love these virtual visits. The only thing missing is the touch of skin. We even get to show off our pets. There’s no driving, no getting dressed and no hassle. Just dial-up a friend’s number, and you get face-to-face conversation and laughter. I know people who date people long distance, and they actually Facetime while they have dinner and watch movies. It’s a great way to stay in touch if you are open to it.

It’s a beautiful day outside, and I think I’ll take Ashok for a walk downtown when I get done with my coffee and this blog. Saugatuck is a bit crowded today, so it feels festive. People are milling around dressed in their best winter sweaters, scarves and boots. All of the leaves have finally fallen off the trees and summer coffee specials like the lavender latte have made way for the more wintry bonfire latte made with maple syrup and smoked salt. The word is warm, and the feeling is definitely cozy.

My mittens are the pink and brown ones. My sister Susan has the strawberries… 


As for me, I put on my wool lavender sweater and some sweatpants before driving over. I packed Ashok’s cozy pink sweater just in case we took a walk. I’ve been tearing my house apart looking for my wool scarves from last winter, and I finally found them this morning in the back of one of my horrible closets. I will need to get those closets redone if I live here any length of time. I picked out my favorite soft plaid on winter white scarf from that box and grabbed some beautiful wool mittens that I bought last summer. I didn’t want to put a hat on my head since my hair was still wet, but I grabbed one just in case.


So, looking back at the end of my holiday, it was very connected and very relaxing. I spent Thanksgiving with my friend Nancy and her family. I got in yoga every day and ran my 5K as frustrating as it turned out to be. I even blogged every day. I feel good when I do that. It tells me I have plenty of energy if I’m being creative. And, in turn, writing helps me keep on the path to good mental and physical health. It’s sort of one of the leading indicators that things are well with me.

It’s back to work tomorrow for most of us. Have a great week, and remember it’s only 29 days until Christmas. I’m still on the fence about decorating. I may just enjoy everyone else’s Christmas trees. Time will tell. Have a great week, y’all. 




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