I have a Proclivity to….


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Today’s prompt is proclivity. I had to look it up.

I have a proclivity to…..

  • Get angry and irritable when I’m hungry.
  • Spend too much money on clothes.
  • Choose chocolate over oranges.
  • Forget to turn the lights out when I leave a room.
  • Believe that I can handle most things on my own.
  • Think that I look 20 years older than I am (even when I was young).
  • Assume something is wrong with me when relationships don’t go well.
  • Feel like a little girl around authority figures.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Trust women more than men.
  • Trust myself over others.
  • Research topics that interest me.
  • Order soup over salads.
  • Kill plants.
  • Be embarrassed and ashamed over my shortcomings.
  • Avoid housework until it drives me nuts.
  • Get up at 5 AM or earlier.
  • Be afraid of the future.
  • Take care of my physical and emotional needs better than most.
  • Be attracted to men who are emotionally unavailable.
  • Throw up walls when I’m hurt.
  • Cry when I’m afraid.
  • Dislike meat except for fish.
  • Become addicted easily.
  • Prefer being outdoors to being inside.
  • Talk to people about feelings and emotions rather than things.
  • Follow my intuition.
  • Notice synchronicities everywhere.
  • Value my girlfriends more than dating.
  • Believe God is good and kind and supportive.
  • Do anything rather than watch TV. I don’t even have one.
  • Enjoy audiobooks and podcasts over reading.
  • Give too much advice and then beat myself up for doing it.
  • Minimize my capabilities.
  • Feel shame when criticized.
  • Process and feel emotions rather than bottle them up.
  • Wear my hair curly instead of straightening it.
  • Wear skirts instead of pants.

What are your proclivities?

6 Comments on “I have a Proclivity to….

  1. My proclivities list looks a lot like yours. Seeing your list makes me smile. It makes me smile because it tells me that I am okay, I am not alone in my proclivities. I am my proclivities, and that is okay. They are what makes me, and I am okay. I am amazing because I have proclivities and I know it. I recognize them. How cool is that. We are both cool, and amazing.

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