Coffeehouse #2 in Niles MI: Top Heavy Coffee


Seems I totally forgot about my blog project on doing something new everyday! I’m such a ditz. I got really busy this week. I’m remodeling my bathroom, there’s a big downsizing going on at work, and I’ve been trying to get back on track running. I’m just a bit out of sorts at the moment. But as soon as I remembered today, I decided to go (a) try something new and (b) find coffeehouse #2.

Niles MI…

I thought it might be nice to combine the coffeehouse adventure with a run in a new area. So, I noodled driving up to Holland to 205 Coffee Bar. They closed at 3, and it was already 1:30. With the hour drive, I would have only 30 minutes to hang out. Besides, it was so foggy outside, I probably wouldn’t have even seen the lake on my run. I’d save that for another Sunday.

Top Heavy Coffee…..

I settled on Top Heavy Coffee in Niles MI. I’ll be straight up and tell you I’ve been there before. I really liked it then, and I liked it today. They sell Madcap Coffee beans roasted in Grand Rapids, and the coffeehouse is warm and cozy. When I arrived in Niles, the roads were blocked off. The Hunter Ice Festival was in full swing even though the temps were in the 40s. It was not ideal weather for ice sculptures that have to stay outside for 3 days.


I ordered a mocha and sat down at the front window to read my Runner’s World magazine. I did some people-watching and enjoyed the not too sweet chocolately coffee. When I was done, I asked the woman next to me for a suggestion on where to run, and she suggested I try the riverfront trail. It was nice to be running without layers and layers of clothes. The snow was melting quickly, and the river was swollen. The trail was right at 3.1 miles long which is what I wanted to run. We saw a herd of deer grazing near the trail. They ran away too fast for me to get a picture, or I’d share it with you.

On the way back, I noticed a couple of women scooping ice cream that was embedded into an ice sculpture shaped like a bar. Barbara and Eugenia told me that the ice fest was a community event tied to area’s history. Nearby Barron Lake was the home of the Hunter Ice & Ice Cream Factory that provided ice to the surrounding area. Mr. Hunter cut ice directly out of the lake to sell. The ice had to be 9 inches thick in order to harvest it! And the ice cream they were selling today was the same recipe used by Hunters. Of course I had to have a taste, and it was delicious. The festival was a nod to the area’s history. An ice sculpting competition is a main event. The city streets were filled with sculptures although they were melting quickly by this afternoon.

Click here for a story on how Hunter Brothers harvested ice! It’s fascinating. Below are pics of the company and the men harvesting ice from the newspaper article. 

So I had a great time learning something new today. Eugenia is a massage therapist, so I got her number, and I’m definitely going to give her a call. I’ve also decided that I’ll continue to do the coffeehouse project, but I’m going to try something new every week NOT every day. I just don’t have time to write every day right now. I started a writing class out of a school in New York, so some of my writing time is being sucked up in that. But, hopefully, you’ll see my writing start to evolve!

Have a great week, y’all!


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