A Chicago Dream


“If you quit drinking so much water, do you think you wouldn’t ‘go’ as much?” she yelled in the quiet restaurant.

“What?”, he snapped back.

“If you didn’t drink so much water, do you think you would ‘go’ so much?”

IMG_1424 2

Chicago speaks loudly but in a warm, humorous way.  The people are not as rude and direct as New Yorkers, but they have the same sense of confidence and ease in saying what they mean. This lady went on to announce that if he ever needed to cancel anything they had planned together, he should just feel free to email her. She’d be okay with that. He agreed that he’d feel absolutely confident in doing so.

I walked to work this morning in the city. Pedestrians stormed intersections with earbuds in their ears. In a sprawling city crawling with humans, they were ensconced in their own little world. A mass of black winter hats and coats marched ant-like across the bridge. I stopped to take pictures but no one bothered to stare. Walk lights flashed green…  buses whizzed by … taxi horns honked. A river taxi plowed slowly through the still-green Chicago River. The energy of the city woke me, and I felt myself blush with excitement.



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