Progress is Found in the Rear View Mirror


I’m cutting out coffee again. I get to a point where I’m just not feeling good. My energy is zapped. My brain seems fuzzy. And I get tired of the constant pull to get more caffeine. I don’t like to be told what to do, so when a substance starts driving my spending and consumption against my better judgment I get motivated to let it go.

I’ve done this 10 times. In fact, when I started the coffeehouse tour, one of my fellow bloggers commented, “I thought you couldn’t drink coffee.” Yeah, yeah…. I know. I get frustrated with myself because I can’t stay clean. Sugar and coffee seem to be the ones that keep me on an ever-winding path of improvement. I get so mad at myself when I realize I’m doing it again.

Perfection is an elusive dream. In my saner moments, I ask myself to look back at my life 3 or 5 years ago to gauge progress. I may not be improved over January, but when I look back at my life as a whole, I’m making great strides.

Five years ago I often consumed a whole bag of chocolate candy (not the single serving size) for dinner. And the thought of quitting coffee would have never crossed my mind. My email for a long time was for heaven’s sake! I was a supervisor at a Starbucks. My life revolved around the hits of caffeine from that sultry, dark bean.

So, I’m not going to beat myself up on my journey to get healthier. Now I know how much better I feel when my coffee consumption is in check or, even better, eliminated. I know that green tea is a much healthier choice. I definitely have experienced how great it feels to be off the pull of evil sugar. Five years ago I was ignorant of the impacts of either. And my habits have even improved over the last year. The goal is not to be perfect. The goal is to keep on trying… in that I’m a winner.

P.S. Don’t worry! I’m going to continue my coffeehouse tour. They always have decaf!

What habit has improved for you over the last five years with constant attention? Do you beat yourself up for not being perfect?



4 Comments on “Progress is Found in the Rear View Mirror

  1. I have to say that I wondered about that coffee house/coffee angst scenario and how it would play out for you LOL I am a committed decaf drinker, as I think I’ve mentioned, and living in the heart of Starbucksland makes for some interesting moments. Every time they come out with a new blend or variety of coffee and they want me to try it, I ask if they have it in decaf and they look at me like I’ve grown a 3rd eye! I have, however, gotten better about my soda consumption. I used to have a diet soda every day, and now I’m down to 2 a week. Eventually I may be able to phase that out as well, but I just crave that Coke Zero 😦 Better, but certainly not perfect…

    • Good job! As much as I love Seattle, I know I would struggle with coffee there. It is where my coffee habit really took hold.

  2. I think you have earned the right to do what you want . If I where you I would eat and drink what you want girl .

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