It’s Friday, Y’all!


It’s Friday! I did not want to get out of the bed this morning. I hit the snooze twice which is not a habit of mine. Ashok stood there nose-to-nose with me until her cold little nose irritated me enough to crawl out of bed. Now I know I’m going to struggle getting off this couch to go to work. But it is Friday. I can do this.

I have to run tonight. I could have run yesterday, but I put it off. We’ve had highs in the 30s, and I’m pretty much done having to layer up and run in the cold. We have snow in the forecast today and almost every day until next Tuesday. No April showers for us this year. Tonight I will need to bundle up, protect myself from the gale force winds and hit the pavement. I’ve waited until the deadline for this run, and it is upon me. I will survive.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 6.57.14 AM

I’m having a steaming hot matcha/chocolate latte to kickstart my morning. I would kill for a cup of coffee, but I’m feeling so much better without it. I’m sleeping like a champ. I don’t get sleepy in the afternoon. I’m not craving sugary foods for their burst of energy. I’m starting to crave green tea, and I can drink it all day long with no ill effect. In fact, my acupuncturist tells me it’s actually good for me!

Tomorrow I make my quarterly journey to Chicago to get my hair done at the Devacurl salon. Surrounded by women with beautiful curls, I’ll get my locks trimmed, my roots colored and have a nice long chat with my hairdresser. And, as a perk, I get to meet my friend Nancy for coffee. I haven’t forgotten about my coffeehouses. I’ve got one in the bank. I just have to write it.

Curled up with my furbabies, I am cozy and content. I need to do my 20-minute meditation, wash my face, touch up my curls, get dressed for the day and head out into the cold. Let’s get this day going so we can get to the weekend!


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