It’s Crunch Time, Folks!


It just seems like 30 minutes ago I wrote the blog wishing you a happy weekend. It’s now Sunday evening, and I’m getting my meals ready for tomorrow and my exercise plan in place for the week.

This weekend had a singular focus. With the exception of a 3-hour outing to see Mutts Gone Nuts with my friend John and a drive to Fennville to score some cheese from my favorite creamery, I studied, took practice tests and read about project management. I took care of myself, of course. I had to run yesterday, wash some clothes and cook my meals, but there wasn’t a lot else I allowed myself to do. To be honest, it was kind of nice. Other than my butt hurting as I sat for 7 hours taking practice tests, it was quiet.


They told me I’d be ready for the test when I started scoring 80 percent on my practice exams. I’m at 74. I’m so close I can smell it. If I take one or two this week, I’ll be ready to attempt it next Monday. I have time set aside every day this week to complete some worksheets, read the book and watch some webinars. Surely I can pull my score up by 6 points by next Sunday! SURELY….. PLEASE!!! 

If I had known what I was signing up for, I’m not sure I would have gone for this certification. I’ve always wanted it, and one time I looked at it but didn’t think I had the project management experience required. But I have it now. And when my boss said I should get it, I was thrilled. I took the class in Chicago and was eager to take the test. That first weekend it dawned on me that this was going to be more than “cramming for a weekend”. My heart sank. I whined to Ashok. “Do I really want to do this?” I asked myself. When all was said and done, I decided that the Universe provided this for a reason. So, I shook it off, picked up my lower lip and committed. And here I am… one week away.


There are two choices here. I could not tell anybody I’m taking the test. If I fail it, I don’t have to lose face. Or I could tell people in the hopes that it will keep me accountable. I understand there is a possibility that I may not pass on the first try, but I’m going to let that go for the much happier dream of passing it right away. But that means that everything but the essentials have to be swept off my plate until it’s over. So, no parties for me this week or next weekend either. It’s crunch time!

And speaking of crunch time….

After frying my brain this morning, I decided to drive out to Fennville to get some cheese. I’m trying to stock my kitchen with healthy yummy foods to take the place of sugar. So far I’m staying satisfied and not really wanting anything sweet. After dinner last night, I had a dessert of sweet potato, butter and chopped mixed nuts. It was delicious! I love Evergreen Lane’s cheese, so I packed up Ashok for a drive.


It was raining here, but after driving about 15 minutes I noticed white stuff on the ground. “Is that snow?” I said aloud. The trees became more and more coated with ice the farther north I went. There was no precipitation while I was driving, but there had definitely been a serious ice storm. The roads were covered in icy residue, and all of the trees were encased in ice. It was beautiful if it wasn’t mid-April. The temperature hovered around 34 degrees, so it was melting but not very fast.

I guess I’m grateful that spring is not bursting into full bloom while I’m sequestered in my house with my head in a book. It shouldn’t be long though, right? I’d love to put these flannels away for awhile.

I hope y’all have a good week. It seems like it’s cold everywhere, so stay warm. And pray for spring and pray for me to get to 80% soon!



4 Comments on “It’s Crunch Time, Folks!

  1. You can do it. Study for 50 minutes, then have 10 minutes off to walk outside/do some yoga poses etc. Drink lots of water. Read over notes before you go to sleep, and first thing in the morning to aid retention. You can do this!

  2. I know you can do it Sharon! You are unstoppable when you put your mind to accomplishing something.

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