Sunday Night Check-In: Running, Blueberries and Open Windows


When I got off work Friday it was 70 degrees. I was so damn happy that I decided to wait until the evening to run. I packed up Ashok and headed to Grand Mere to try out my new trail running map supplied by the retired cross-country coach on our backpack last weekend. It did not disappoint. I finally figured out how to gain some miles without running in the dunes and then headed toward the dunes for intense hill work. Ouch!

Saturday was a wide open slate, and I went to my favorite recovery meeting, touched up my roots, cleaned up my house and enjoyed my new windows with cool breezes blowing through. Oh yeah, and I bought another 5-pound box of blueberries. That’s two for this week. I’ve added the beautiful silvery-blue honey drops to everything including my chicken and rice. I even made a sugar-free milkshake with sugar-free ice cream and chocolate syrup and lots and lots of blueberries. It was divine.

I had a long run scheduled for today, so I went to bed early. A cat chucked up a hairball and woke me up way too early. Luckily I went back to sleep but I was a little short-changed. I had to do 12 miles, and I wanted to go ahead and run the half marathon distance if I could make it. So, I picked a linear trail called the Kal-Haven trail. I ate a healthy breakfast of avocado, fried eggs, olive oil and Ezekiel Bread, make some homemade sports drink of maple syrup and green tea, packed up some after-run snacks and a change of clothes and headed north.


Ashok has gotten too old to run the very long runs with me, and it is very sad when I leave the house. She knows what I’m doing and gets very excited. She pouts when I tell her to get in her kennel, and I feel so bad. It’s just that thing we do together. It breaks my heart to leave her. But I know I could hurt her if I brought her along. Seven miles is the longest she can do now, and I try to keep it around five.

I arrived at the trailhead, and it was actually a little chilly. I knew I would warm up, and I quickly did. It was a lovely little limestone trail that I had ridden on a bicycle a decade or so ago. I even remembered some of the road crossings. It was nice to see that it still existed. I came upon a little cat, some sandhill cranes and lots of bunnies and squirrels.


My legs started really hurting at 11 miles. Actually, everything started hurting. But that’s part of the game. I have to go through the pain to build up my stamina. I struggled through it and made it to 13.1 with no energy left to expend. I’m so glad I was able to get through the distance. I have to run it next weekend in a trail race on a trail that’s not nearly as flat as this one. If I’m honest, I’m afraid I may have bitten off more than I can chew. We shall see. Walking is always an option.


The breeze is still blowing through my windows, and I am happily tired. I should sleep good tonight. I grabbed some tacos from my favorite taco stand for dinner, and I need to run out to Aldi for a few necessities. But tomorrow is a rest day, and I’ll be very happy to shut it down early for a long night of great sleep. I am going to treat myself to some blueberry pie, though. I think I deserve it.

Have a great week, y’all. #getoffyourass

4 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: Running, Blueberries and Open Windows

  1. I truly admire your drive. I had read in an earlier posting of yours that you have Depression and running has really helped you with it. I too have this diagnosis and have been struggling with it a bit over the last few months. Keep up the post; I’ll surely keep reading them . You ya e quite the literary gift.

  2. Good on you for pushing through for the full 13.1, Sharon. I always feel better knowing it’s still in me before I head out to a half-marathon race. Like you said, walking is always an option, but you know you can go the distance. Good luck!

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