Running Through the Stars


For some reason, the city of St. Joseph isn’t turning on the street lights about half the time in my neighborhood. It’s a little irritating when I have to run early because it’s really dark out. But I’m loving running amid the nighttime sky. The stars are amazing here in rural Michigan, and without the lights of our little city drowning them out, I get to enjoy the gentle light of the Milky Way. This morning lighthouse was particularly lovely against the night sky. Too dark for pictures. You’ll just have to come visit.

The best starry sky I ever saw was at Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas. The campground was empty except for me, and I got up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom. I had to walk across a field of empty campsites, and the opening in the trees was like a portal to the universe. The expansiveness of the field of stars disoriented me. I was lost in an infinite world of light.

There are places in Michigan where you can see the Aurora Borealis. We even have a dark sky park in the upper lower peninsula. You can’t camp there because they try to keep light pollution to a minimum, but you can bring sleeping bags and hang out to view the stars and the northern lights. I can’t imagine how gorgeous it would be to see that magnificent natural phenomenon from the cliffs of Pictured Rocks. As with everything natural, you can’t plan it. You just have to be lucky enough to catch it. May I someday be that lucky. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy the glimpses I have right here at home.

Do you enjoy stargazing? How long has it been since you’ve done it?

Places to see the Aurora Borealis in Michigan


2 Comments on “Running Through the Stars

  1. I took a conditioning class in high school, part of our grade was our time on running 5 miles. So I would run in the mornings before school (and before it got hot!) to practice. I remember the peaceful feeling of running in the dark under the stars!

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