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Today, October 20, is the National Day on Writing. And thousands of people are sharing the reasons they write with the hashtag #WhyIWrite. I’m not sure why I’ve never heard of this day before, but I thought I should be a part of it now that I know it exists.

In reflecting on #WhyIWrite, I visited my first Midlife Moments Blog. I wrote down my vision for this blog from the beginning, and in reading it today, I don’t think I’ve strayed from that mission. I wanted to create something different for my life, stand in my power and help others create something different if they desired it.

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This picture is featured in that first blog in August 2012. That trip was sort of a lifting off point for me. It was the period at the end of my youth and the space preceding the next paragraph of my life. One afternoon we took off on a boat and dove into the Pacific Ocean to watch the Manta Rays dance after nightfall. In the middle of this surreal underwater dance, I realized that magic doesn’t happen to us. Magic creates itself WITH us. We are a part of …. not a witness to, this planet’s mysterious beauty.  Swimming back to the boat a lone shark swam silently about 10 feet under us. My heart skipped a beat. It never wavered from its path. I will never forget the magnificence of that solitary animal, and I vowed I would cease to be afraid of adventure.

Why do I write? I write because writing makes my life meaningful. It forces me to talk to strangers. It makes me look beyond the obvious and make connections. A walk among the trees becomes a spiritual journey in prose. The chance meeting of a stranger fills in a missing chapter. An ending births the hope of a better tomorrow. And a story lifts the heart out of its burdens. Writing makes me less afraid of adventure. It provides purpose and meaning and soul to my day-to-day existence. Why wouldn’t I write?

 Why don’t you write? What would you write about if you dared?

My First Midlife Moments Blog



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