Chicago From a Window Seat


A man on the streetcorner amplifies his voice through a bullhorn. “Jesus loves you,” he screams to no one in particular. A taxi horn toot-toots. Shoppers swarm across the bridge wearing dark coats, bright hats and multi-colored gloves as if it’s a uniform. The wound on my back throbs. I should have bandaged it I think. A bus glides across lanes cutting off an SUV. A little girl in a gray hoodie grabs her Mom in the crosswalk. Chicago is an organism below my window seat.

Ashok lies quietly beside me. She ate her treat when we arrived and then ate dinner in the room. She was patient and waited on me in the car during yoga this morning and while I lunched with a friend. The traffic was maddening, and I opted to sit in the window seat and relax. She stood by the door begging to go out. She loves this high-rise in the city. Although frightened by the man on the bullhorn, she literally dragged me to the front door in eagerness.

We are here for a run in the city. I walked around McCormick Place today picking up my race packet and shopping at the expo. I passed up iced blue donut holes but ate a sample of a Kind bar. At the end of tomorrow’s 15K, we get hot chocolate and a pile of goodies. My friend Laurel joked that she’d rather just go to a local coffee shop and buy a hot chocolate than run 9 miles for it. With rain in the forecast, I will enjoy the warmth and sweetness when I’m done.

A double-decker tourist boat chugs up the river. The bullhorn drones on in the background. A green Peapod delivery truck stops to turn left across Wacker. A blue garbage truck floats by. A car horn blows sharply at a jaywalker. An antique clock twinkles red with a sign announcing the obvious – TIME. “Time for what”, I ask myself. Ashok sighs and relaxes into my shin.


Dusk hangs in the air as streetlights illuminate. A subway train screeches loudly nearby. The double-decker boat retraces its wake under the bridge. A cup of hot tea might be nice or a walk on the riverwalk. I’ll grab a nice dinner downstairs, walk my dog under the city lights, cozy up in that cozy bed and read a short story. Tomorrow morning I’ll be wet and cold and active early. No reason I can’t be warm and cozy inside tonight.

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