Hitting All My Marks

“Wish me luck,” I said to my coworkers as I was leaving. “I have to run tonight.” 

“You are running outside in this?” my coworker said. “Better you than me.”

I knew it was cold. I didn’t know it was raining, sleeting and spitting snow until I walked out the door. Ugh… do I really want to do this? I considered that it was over freezing, so the ice wasn’t sticking. I muddled over how cold it felt. I remembered my meeting at 7 PM. I would have exactly 1 hour to change clothes, run and change into clean clothes before I had to leave. It would be so easy to say no. Who could blame me? 

‘I’m doing it,’ I promised and steeled myself to walk in the door, feed the animals, get dressed and start running. Since I only had 30 minutes to run, I could do some fast intervals and make it short. Ashok was so excited as we walked out into the dark and drizzly night. 

400m intervals are short enough that I can keep a swift pace (swift for me anyway). We did 6 intervals through the neighborhood and back. The snow picked up just as I was nearing the end of the last interval. 

Woohoo!!  Today was a 100%-er. I got up this morning, did 20 minutes of yoga, meditated for 20 minutes, ran after work, ate healthy and attended my spiritual circle. It’s not often I hit all the marks, but I feel great and accomplished. If only the benefits would last me all year! 

2 Comments on “Hitting All My Marks

  1. Good for you. I am so impressed at how strong you are mentally and physically. 1’m very proud of you.

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