Favorite Holiday Things: Eggnog Lattes, Frango and Holiday Lights

Last’s years Christmas tree in St. Joe. No snow today!

I went with a coworker to the lighting of the bluff in St. Joe last night. We froze our toes off but listened to the high school choir as we gathered with other local residents for the highlight of the holiday season. The icy wind whipped off the lake trying to dissuade us from lingering. A woman in front of us streamed the lighting of the tree to her daughter and grandkids on her iphone. They were toasty warm in their home. I’d argue we had the better end of the deal. What’s a little cold in comparison to a dose of holiday warmth in the form of community and well-placed holiday lights>

This morning I made an eggnog latte with local eggnog, warm milk and Nespresso espresso shots. Yum. It was so good, I made another one before 10 AM. My spinning class didn’t touch the calories. Sirius XM is tuned to the Hallmark Christmas channel, and I have a number of Christmas presents waiting for the shade of a tree. The jury is still out on whether or not they will adorn an evergreen scene or be the sole Christmas decoration. I guess my own tree has never really been a highlight of my holiday experience or I would have one by now. 

Eggnog Latte 

Yesterday I received a shipment of Frango chocolates from Macy’s. I discovered Frango and made it a part of my Christmas tradition when I traveled on a first date in a Chicago blizzard years ago. The chocolates, a specialty offering of the Marshall and Fields store that was purchased by Macy’s, remains a favorite of mine. I love the dark chocolate, but the traditional favorite is mint. I usually buy both flavors. Some are for gifts and at least one box is for me. If you are interested in trying these delicacies, Macy’s online has the best pricing. 

I haven’t yet sipped my first hot chocolate from The Chocolate Cafe downtown, but I hope to snag it this afternoon while I watch my friend Autumn and her dog Pumpkin in the Reindog Christmas parade. If Ashok was canine-friendly, she’d get to partake in the festivities, but she’ll be sitting this one out. It wouldn’t be a fun experience for any of us.

The Chocolate Cafe on a snowy day last year.

I have tickets to see the Twin City Players rendition of Scrooge this week with some friends. And I plan to make it to Michigan Avenue in Chicago at least once this holiday season. I thought of going back to the Hotel Monaco this year since I enjoyed it so much last year, but I decided staying home might be a better option since I’m paying off my new windows.

I’m hoping for a White Christmas, and, since I’ll be home, maybe I should consider that Christmas tree. My morning yoga practice lit by a Christmas tree sounds lovely. 

What are your favorite holiday traditions? 

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