Sunday Night Check-In: Sick and Happy

I’ve been sick all weekend. I traveled to Tennessee to work with my team, and I caught a bug. It feels like a head cold. I know it will pass, but I hate these things. Breathing is really important to me, and when I can’t breathe, I’m tired and grumpy. I went to bed last night at 7 PM and slept until noon today. I hopefully slept through the worst of it.

Yesterday, I carried my sick self to my friend Autumn’s for some Christmas movies and cider. She knew I was sick and told me to come anyway. She kept me hydrated with tea and allowed me to stretch out on her sofa and drift in and out of sleep while the Hallmark channel played romantic comedies with a predictable plot. When I left, she ushered me out the door with a bowl of turkey rice soup. I felt nurtured by her warm and welcoming home and hospitality.

Today has been relaxing. I had a few chores to do, so I begrudgingly washed clothes and picked up my house. The cats were almost out of kitty litter, so I dragged my unkempt, unbathed self to the Farm and Home store and picked up some litter. “Your hair is beautiful,” the cashier said. I immediately felt very self-conscious but accepted the compliment. One of the gifts of curly hair is that no matter how bad it looks, straight-haired folks think it looks fabulous.

I fed my sourdough starter and couldn’t bear to throw away the discard. I searched through the King Arthur Flour archives until I found a recipe that used the discard. I didn’t have the walnuts, so I substituted mixed nuts and added some bananas in place of the sugar. We’ll see how it comes out. I prefer to use the same ingredients called for in the recipe but several of the commenters inspired me to be less structured. Cooking is an art after all. 

My animals seemed to enjoy having me down and out. Ashok was even noticeably more affectionate with me this weekend. Instead of curling up on the other side of the bed, she laid her sweet head on my belly and snoozed right beside me. Buster laid on top of both of us, and Bella found her spot on the other side. It was warm and cozy and kind of special, actually. As soon as this bread is done, I’m going to make my way back to that comfortable spot. Another nice, long sleep would help me prepare for Monday.

 It’s almost Christmas, and I’m really looking forward to the holiday. I have decided to go to Chicago after all. I hemmed and hawed until a wonderful old friend reminded me that you only live once, and I can make up the expense at another time. I made my reservations, and I’ve felt so happy ever since. I’m hoping for snow.

I feel content. My mind has been in the present moment because it’s hard to be distracted when snot is running down your face and your head feels like it is going to explode. Food doesn’t taste all that good, so I haven’t eaten too much. I’m well-hydrated with all of the liquids I’ve been drinking. My body needed to rest, and I was given the nudge to do it. I’m glad I didn’t have 15 things planned this weekend. It was a great weekend to be sick. 

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