What If Santa Was a Shaman?

The New York Times featured a story this morning that was a compilation of short holiday videos. The first one sounded a little funky, so I clicked on it out of curiosity. Click below to watch it.

We know that all of our holidays are some combination of folklore, paganism and religious storytelling. For instance, Jesus was not born on December 25. The date was chosen to symbolize the birth and align with the pagan winter festivals that all the other people were enjoying. I mean, what else do you have to do in the darkest days of the year anyway. You might as well plan a holiday that features lights.

This videographer links Santa to folklore about Shamans who drove reindeer-driven sleighs in Lapland to heal people and provide information from beyond the veil. The gifts he brought were spiritual in nature, and he ate psychedelic mushrooms which turned him red and helped enhance his healing and intuitive powers. Reindeer also love this particular type of mushroom, and it gives them a feeling of flying. Could this whole Santa business be about a very talented and loving Shaman getting stoned on mushrooms and trying to help people?

I have several friends that are Shamans. Their work is very mysterious and is full of symbols based in Native American lore. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Santa wasn’t just a fat man who brings a bunch of toys and drops them off in exchange for cookies on Christmas Eve? What if the whole purpose of Santa was to provide healing and insight? It would make all of this capitalistic merrymaking look ridiculous.

Today was a quiet day for me. I talked with several friends who were having their own quiet days and feeling a bit lonely. Other folks checked in during their travels back and forth to parties and meals. I was happy I didn’t have to go anywhere. I cooked myself some Indian food, and I took a long walk with Ashok. I napped a little, listened to Christmas music and read. I like Christmas as a day of reflection and solitude.

I hope that however you spent your Christmas, it was spiritually uplifting and provided you some insight into what’s important to you. I hope that Santa was able to bring some healing to you, to me and our country. We desperately need it. I think Jesus would like that, and if Santa is a psychedelic mushroom Shaman, he would like that, too. And if none of this makes any sense to you, then I hope you enjoyed your day anyway.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

4 Comments on “What If Santa Was a Shaman?

  1. I love this post! A great title and content 😊 I tend to avoid Xmas… but this gives it a whole new fascinating element, thank you 😊 Happy 2019, G 🌈

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