Discerning I’m Lazy #ywadedicate

I walked out of the building tonight, and I shivered. Ice mixed with snow fluttered toward the ground propelled sideways by gusts of wind. Brrrr… I pulled my coat tighter around my neck and hurried to my car. Ice coated the windshield like a hard rock outer coating. I couldn’t bear to get out of the car so I sat there while the defrost and heater kicked in. Eventually the inner warmth of my vehicle melted the ice enough for it to slide off the windshield.

My assignment for tonight was a 35-minute easy run, “the kind you look forward to”, Jessica said. I wasn’t looking forward to it. I also needed to do Day 1 of the 30-day yoga challenge. I already knew it was longer than usual because my friend Jerry texted me complaining about it.

I turned up the heat in my house while I put on my yoga clothes. I lied to myself that after I stretched and warmed up a bit I’d feel like running outside. Ha! I already knew that wasn’t happening, but I couldn’t bear to say so. I thought about going to the gym and running on the treadmill. I put that out of my mind as well. “I’m still really sore from TRX yesterday,” I said to myself and laughed out loud at my lame excuse.

The name of this practice was Discern. Adrienne asked me to think about my “why” for completing this challenge. She assured me it was okay if I didn’t know yet. I couldn’t really think of anything except that doing this yummy yoga practice in my warm house seemed much more attractive than putting on my running clothes and freezing my ass off outside running. I guess I discerned I was lazy. That was definitely my “why” for tonight.

I finished up that lovely gentle practice, meditated, made some home-made almond milk, warmed up some soup and homemade bread, and ate dinner. I’m noodling taking my dog out for a walk, but, honestly, it looks so cold outside. This tree and Kenny G are making me feel all warm and cozy inside. I’m discerning that I’m not going anywhere unless it is from this couch to my bed. Anybody want to make a bet?

Namaste, y’all! I’ll get back at it tomorrow, and maybe I’ll make up that run on a treadmill somewhere.

7 Comments on “Discerning I’m Lazy #ywadedicate

  1. Just wanted to say, it’s okay not to run outside today or at all today. You are taking care of yourself. You are not lazy. I’ve followed you while you got out and ran in the snow so this one time….it’s okay to be gentle with yourself. Besides, you did do yoga! Happy New Year! You’ve got 362 days to run!!! 😊

  2. At least you did yoga Sharon! Proud of you. I couldn’t run. Wanted to. But didn’t happen

    • Oh well! Tomorrow is another day. I actually didn’t eat very well yesterday either, and I wanted to. Today is a new day!

      • I’m so happy to hear Sharon! Doing both, sounds like the perfect day for sure.
        There’s tomorrow for me :). I had to ‘purge’ through some difficult emotions today! But glad I did 🙂

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