Day 3: Channeling Winslet

In this morning’s yoga practice, Adrienne encouraged me to imagine myself as Kate Winslet “flying” over the sea at the bow of the Titanic. I know the story doesn’t end all that well. But, really, do any of us know how this day will end. What if these were our last moments? Would you want to creep into your life agitated and afraid? Or would you want to open your arms to the wind and let your heart propel you into the last precious moments of life?

Adrienne and Benji

The lesson today was Observe. That’s really the lesson of all yoga practices and meditation. It’s to take a moment and watch how you react to the fleeting spasms of the mind, the effort required by the body and any sensations or pain that might arise. I observed that I quit during the hard part of Extended Side Angle Pose. I observed that I sought out Child’s Pose when I needed it. I also observed that the image of “flying” open-heartedly through my life tickled me pink. A smile appeared naturally. I felt my eyes light up and my spirit rise. Who cares how it ends?

How would your day be different if you approached it with open arms and an open heart? Close your eyes, imagine being on the bow of the Titanic as it soars over the waves into your unknown but expectant future. Observe what happens to your body when you sink into this feeling.


Happy Friday, y’all!

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