It’s More Fun With Girls in the House!

There’s a line in the lady’s room at the Capitol! Woohoo… things are looking up. I have found myself smiling more than once this week and outright chuckling a few times at the splash of color – both figuratively and literally – in a typically old white man’s parlor.

Our youngest congresswoman is playfully enjoying her new role and showing these old whiskers that they need to stop taking themselves so seriously. A snapshot of several women of color with their braids and curls sitting on a sofa made me do a double-take and then laugh out loud. This, folks, is what a Congress looks like that actually represents the electorate. We are colorful, wacky, opinionated and like to have fun. I can’t wait to see what comes of this. For now, I’ll enjoy the tweets of these old fogeys back on their heels at the audacity that girls will be girls even at work.

I spent yesterday in Chicago trying to find a Little Italy-type spot to get my cannoli fix. I ended up with only one bakery that an Italian friend had recommended. It sports his last name, but he doesn’t think it’s any relation. D’Amato’s Bakery is on Grand, and I can’t believe how close it is to the Hotel Monaco. I know where I’ll be drinking Italian coffee and munching on cannoli when I’m in town. I sat next to a couple at the counter from L.A. They said they couldn’t get cannoli in L.A., so they flew to Chicago and are eating cannoli several times a day over the weekend. They lucked out. Chicago weather was sunny and in the 50s which is unheard of in January. People flocked to the lakefront like it was the Fourth of July.

The yoga challenge is going well, and I feel so proud of myself for getting up to do it. This morning was a challenge because I didn’t sleep well and was pretty grumpy (probably the white bread and sugar in my pastries yesterday). But I completed Day 5 and then took off for some intense speed work with Ashok. We both felt better afterward and even took a ride up the coast. By the time we got home, the sun had moved behind the clouds and the sunshine party ended.

Even Ashok was in on it!

I’m feeling more hopeful these days. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m sleeping better, or it could be the regular yoga and meditation. Or maybe its the fact that there are red painted nails, colorful dresses, dancing, babies and lots of curls in our nation’s House.

It took me many years to throw caution to the wind and let myself dress and act like a woman at work. And, to be honest, I’m much more productive when I’m authentic. I tell my bosses up front they’ll need to have Kleenex in their office if I’m working for them, and, these days, they seem to be okay with that. I am thrilled to see these diverse representatives – men and women – rocking their authenticity.

We have come a long way, Baby. It’s just more fun when there are women in the House. Maybe they’ll vote in mandatory yoga for everybody! Namaste, y’all!

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