It’s All Fake

“It’s all fake,” my friend Becky said when I told her I got off Facebook for good.

Facebook felt fake. I know some of those “friends” in real life, and they aren’t that damn happy. And how do these people in their 30s afford to travel all over the world when I’m lucky if I can go spend a holiday in Chicago for four days without regrets? Does everybody have a trust fund? Or are they mired in debt and can cope with it a lot better than I could?

In this week’s On the Media podcast called Eveything’s Fake, they talked to several experts about the state of the internet. It’s hard to know these days what’s fake and what’s real. They estimated that only about 60% of the people on the internet are real people or are who they say they are. We are trusting and interacting with liars, cons and fools.

The internet has become some alternate universe that is made up of fake news, fake people, and fake accounts. The ads are fake, but they appear real. You have no idea if an article was posted by a Russian spy or a respected journalist. Are you being manipulated or informed? If 40% of accounts are not real, we are being gaslighted and conned. I distinctly remember a sick feeling in my gut during the 2016 election. I knew something wasn’t right.

Sometimes even the ads are fake!!!

Instagram is just as fake as Facebook. Everybody is a life coach or a personal trainer or some kind of guru ready to help you kick ass in your life in exchange for your money. If their life is so freaking awesome, why are they spending so much time on social media? You can’t be that involved with anything and not give up something else. And they don’t care about you as a person. You are a pawn in their marketing game… a part of their strategy … a follower to collect. Everything is fake!

Suicides are going up, and we are turning into a nation of drunks and drug addicts. We are lonelier than ever before. There is no time for relationships or taking care of ourselves because we are constantly scrolling. We have a reality TV president who lies constantly, and the country is coming undone. Our lives are lived in a hateful fake dimension, and we are comparing ourselves to people that don’t even exist. Yes, Becky. It’s all fake.

How would we react if we knew that everything on the internet was fake?

4 Comments on “It’s All Fake

  1. I’ve heard that weddings are getting more elaborate because people keep posting photos of their million dollar weddings.
    As if there wasn’t enough “keeping up with the Jones’s” before the internet.
    It seems the more expensive the wedding, the shorter the marriage lasts. Probably also caused by people seeing other people’s “perfect” marriages on line.

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