Creating Space #ywadedicate

This morning’s practice (Day 13 of the Dedicate Yoga Journey) was about creating space. In the first few minutes, I moved stiffly into a twist from a standing forward bend. Mind you I had been in bed only 30 minutes before. After the initial resistance from my creaky joints, my heart opened up to the sky, and I felt a rush of energy.

I am finally in a job that I love and am content in this beautiful state of Michigan. I don’t have plans to change anything in the next few years, but I do think about the future. I have a soft goal of retiring from corporate life at 62 and seeking out a new adventure which will always require some employment. The unknown is what that will look like and where it will be. I’m open to the black hole, but I like poking around in the dark for options.

I spoke with my friend Sally yesterday. We had not talked since we went to Chicago together back in the summer. Much to my surprise, she and her new husband are selling everything they own and are going to live abroad for a couple of years. She was in Atlanta shopping for backpacks and clothes that are versatile enough for a variety of locations. These aren’t 20-somethings. They are in their early 60s. I felt my heart opening a bit to make space for something different.

Saturday, I hiked with a man who taught a winter camping class at Wanderlust. He was showing me a trail close by that was beautiful and challenging – the perfect spot for hiking with my dog only 20 minutes away. He’s my age, and he climbed Denali last year. He’s training to hike the Appalachian Trail with his dog Trouble this year.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I’m starting to think that there are many more options out there than I’d really considered before. A friend of a friend got laid off, so he retired and moved to Thailand where he pays $283 a month rent. And I’ve been thinking of options for non-traditional work after I retire. What if I combined working and teaching abroad? I’d just have to find a place where I can bring my pets!

This morning I could have sat my butt on the sofa and sipped my coffee instead of doing yoga, but I committed to this yoga journey. After that twist this morning, my energy surged and my spirit lifted. I created space to feel different just by doing something different. I am going to continue my yoga journey for the space it creates in my heart, and I promise to be open to creative options that create space in my future.

What unusual retirement options have you heard about that sound adventurous and interesting?

6 Comments on “Creating Space #ywadedicate

  1. A friend of mine in her early 50’s is moving to Spain this summer to teach English! She and her husband sold their house already.

  2. I watch “House Hunters International” so I have a new over seas dream every week.
    Looking at retirement in another country is exciting and can certainly accelerate that move.
    I’ll be 55 this year and could move over seas or go into partial retirement in 5 years. Gotta have a dream.

  3. I would not say this to just anyone but girl there is nothing you can not do. There is nothing you can not do .

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