Listening to my Body

I started Jessica’s Fit Camp this week. I realized last year with my long distance running that my body is just not as strong as it used to be. Of course, there are times in my life when I’ve been stronger due to more focus on strength training, but my overall strength is starting to slip away more quickly. I find myself struggling more with stuck zippers, jar lids and even chaturanga. So I told Jessica that I wanted to focus on strength-building this winter when running is not as attractive.

I’ve done her Fit Camp a number of times. The short, intense workouts mesh with my need to be efficient with exercise and balance my life. And I see such great results. But, every time I’ve done it, I’ve mainly focused on the strength workouts and ignored the nutrition and other cross-training components. I committed to myself this year to do all of it just to see what happens.

For weeks 1 and 2, she asks us to focus on three goals:

  • Get all the workouts in
  • Cut down on sugar
  • Eat mindfully

I know I should eat more mindfully, and I do it on occasion. But when I sit down to a meal I typically have a podcast playing in the background or I’m mentally engaged somewhere else. Monday morning I fixed my breakfast, sat down, hid my phone and ate. I thought about all of the people involved in bringing me the figs in my bread, the chicken who gave up its egg for me and Karen who raised the chicken. I imagined the coffee plantation where my coffee beans were grown and the folks who harvested them. It truly took a village to bring me that meal. I felt grateful and took the time to enjoy every bite. After all, I made that bread myself!

I was just about done with my breakfast, when I literally heard a small voice say, “I’m done.” I was a little taken aback. I had two more bites of toast with cream cheese. But I no longer wanted it. I truly felt done. Ashok was the lucky recipient of the last couple bits of toast on my plate. And I was very satisfied.

I didn’t get hungry again until lunch. I’m always hungry all morning. I have to fight off cravings to eat chocolate or other snacks sitting around. But not that day. I not only wasn’t hungry, but sugar didn’t even appeal to me. On my birthday, I decided to drive out to my favorite pie shop for a piece of pie. Right before I opened the car door, I realized that I didn’t even want a piece of pie. It felt heavy to me. Hmmmm… I drove all the way out there, surely I should treat myself to pie. Nope. My tummy did not want it. The country ride satisfied my longing for a treat, and I turned around and went home.

I’ve only been doing this two and a half days, but I’m astounded at how much difference it makes. I could override my body’s messages and eat anyway, but it seems counterintuitive to sign up for a Fit Camp, do what I’m told and then sabotage the positive results. I’m excited to see how this might change my relationship with food as I continue this practice. What else am I eating that I truly don’t want?

I’m still continuing my yoga challenge and tonight I need to do a 30-minute cross-training workout. I have a social occasion so it will be a challenge for me to get it in. The temps will take a nosedive tomorrow, so I think I’ll take advantage of the warmer weather tonight and run with my dog. And, if by chance, I run into the birthday treat I really want, I’ll let myself have it. But, for today, I’m going to listen to my body. For the next 12 weeks, it’s the boss.

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