The Sound of Winter

The wind from the lake whips and wooshes around the corner of my house. Hurricanes from Louisiana days flash through my mind, but there is no pitter patter of raindrops. The squish squish of my boots squeak through the snow drowning out the silence of the snowfall. My heart beats with the effort of shoveling snow, and my breath roars into my ears through the muffling of my scarf. I hold my breath and stand still. Listen to the silence.

Engines roar from snowplows as they scrape scrape the snow from the road. Beep beep in reverse. Clang goes the plow against the pavement. Grrrrrrrr clang clang … the engine roars and wakes me from the church parking lot at 4 AM. A snowblower growls and gobbles snow from the sidewalk as it spits a flume of snow behind it. A snow shovel clacks and scrapes on the driveway. Plop goes the snow in a pile. Groan goes my back. Drip drip melt the icicles into a frozen puddle on the ground.

Ducks call from the frozen lake in the monotone landscape. My noisy squish squish approach spooks them. Splash …. they fly away. The frozen trees groan and crackle in the wind. Is that a voice I hear? I stop to listen. It sounds like a far off message that I can’t quite understand. No, it’s just the creaking of the trees. Crackle crackle one says. Ehhhheewwww says another. Squish squish my boots answer as I walk on. The wind roars across the moonscape whipping snow and cold across my skin. Brrrrrr…... my breath heaves warmly into my scarf and comforts my cheeks. Shhhhh…. be still. There is silence.

The Big Sable River gurgles and flows under the ice. Waves crash on the Lake Michigan shore. A bald eagle soars overhead. “Listen,” he begs me. “Be still,” he implores and flies away. I listen. I hold my breath. The sound of winter is silence. If only we’d stop long enough to hear.

Photos are from Ludington State Park today!

5 Comments on “The Sound of Winter

  1. Sharon – this was really beautiful. It tears at my heart a bit to see the blanketed scenes. I love the snow. I love being able to add layers to be cozy, and have fires burning for warmth. Since moving to the south 7 months ago, I feel robbed of that silence that follows a good snow storm, that layer of frozen insulation that wraps the earth and all upon her.

    • I’m from the south. I got really sick of the heat. It even impacts me physically. I love it up here. I like to follow the seasons and enjoy the winter weather. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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