Accepting Support #ywadedicate

Yesterday’s practice from my 30-Day yoga series featured a supported side plank. Adrienne urged me not to power through and do an unsupported side plank at first. We eventually worked up to an unsupported side plank which tested my mettle, but I followed her advice to start with a supported side plank. This version uses one leg as a sort of “kickstand” to lessen the amount of strength it takes to hold the pose.

I’ve been thinking a lot about support lately. For the first time in a very long time, I feel supported at work. I have a team that seems to anticipate where we are going. By the time I state where I want to go, they are en route to get there. My manager and I complete each other’s sentences and are headed in the same direction. There are still barriers to the work but there is support on all sides, and it makes the work so much more effective. It also makes it much more fun and rewarding.

Before I completed my yoga practice, I completed my fit camp circuit. I knew the side planks were coming because my friend Jerry alerted me to watch out for them. My fit camp circuit included 5 side planks of a minute each. I got through it but, man, was it tough! I chose to do some modifications when I needed support instead of powering through. With the modifications, I was able to complete the time and repetitions.

We can power through life and its struggles without support. It’s a lonely way to go. Being a lone ranger and not asking for help leads to solitary celebrations. It can also lead to failure and a lack of feedback from which to learn. My inner critic is usually a horrible teacher and ends up shaming me instead of helping me tease out areas of improvement and growth. Supportive people offer a different perspective and can often point me to a different path.

The key to having support is asking for it and ACCEPTING it. It’s so tempting to just power through on my own. In what areas of your life could you use support? Are you blind to offers of support you could accept? How would life be different if you said yes?

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