A Walk to the Lighthouse

I had a ton of things I needed to do today. I am prepping for a homemade backpacking food class at the end of February, so I needed to make some meals to demonstrate. My sourdough starter need to be fed, and maybe I should make bread. On top of that, the driveway needed to be cleared before I ran out to the grocery to prepare for the week. And, of course, I wanted to take a nap and complete Day 26 of my yoga challenge.

A couple of views of the lighthouse from the beach….

After a couple of cups of coffee, I completed my yoga practice. Because I’m feeling so good, I decided to join her yoga program and commit to 365 days of yoga. I wonder how that might impact my life!

I put a pot of white beans on the burner to cook and fed my starter. I decided I had enough bread, so I nixed that idea. I cleaned up the house, put on my warmest duds and headed out to shovel snow. Ashok came with me in her little snow coat. As I got near the garage I realized someone had already cleared my driveway! All I had to do was my sidewalks and front steps. That was very neighborly. Too bad I don’t know who did it. I might give them some white beans.

My pretty mittens and hat covered in snow.

When I opened the back door and called to Ashok she sat in the driveway by the car and would not move. She loves, loves, loves the snow. I knew I’d have to get her out this afternoon no matter what. I finally coerced her into coming back inside, I had lunch and took a lovely short nap. By the time I woke up, I was ready to go play in the snow.

Enjoy the lighthouse pics! It’s only getting colder this week. High of 4 degrees on Wednesday… BRRRRRR

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