Don’t Mess With Me, Polar Vortex!

The parking lot after work on Monday

I am sick of the inside of my house. I’m quite sure my dog is sick of the inside of my house, but she’s not so happy outside the last few days. Her romps in the snow last seconds instead of minutes, and when she comes in she looks at me like “what the hell was that?” I open the door, and she turns around to look at, deciding if she really has to pee or not. I say, “go pee pee”, she races off in snow up to her shoulders, does her business and races back in. I slam the door and come back upstairs glad I don’t have to open it again for another few hours.

Everything is closed. It doesn’t matter to me because I’m not going anywhere anyway. I’m happy to watch the snow and ice form on my windows, suck in mechanically humidified and heated air and drink coffee and hot chocolate. Working from home, I saved commute time, money for lunch and bath water. Thank heavens for technology. Work went on without missing a beat.

My neighbor with his snowblower. Look at how the snow and ice hung on my windows!

There was no snow removal service that would take me on, so I shoveled my heart out Monday night so I could drive up in my driveway. Tuesday and Wednesday some good Samaritan took a snowblower to my paths. I can’t identify them, but thank you. Although I didn’t use those beautiful paths, your work made today’s shoveling much easier.

Ever wonder why there are flags on fire hydrants up north? This is the one in my front yard.

It was 0 degrees F when I went out to shovel today. It took about an hour to move all that snow off my driveway and to the top of the huge piles that are as high as my shoulders. I was already sore from Monday. I shoveled in 4 sessions today, coming in when my fingertips got numb and I couldn’t take it anymore. After warming up inside, I’d get up the nerve to bundle up again and head out. Ashok decided she wasn’t accompanying me anymore. The snow shoveling lost its luster – for both of us.

Buster embraced my work-at-home days.

It is a good workout though. I am sore and tired from just two days of it. I’m not sure I could move if I’d had to do it the whole week. And there’s no way I was endangering my life getting out in that yesterday. I’m a badass but I’m not that needy of accomplishment.

I told Jessica I didn’t want to wimp out on my fit circuits, but there’s no way I could do strength training after an hour of shoveling that heavy snow. My legs, core, back arms and shoulders are exhausted. She gave me a pass, so I’ll do it tomorrow. I was even given a pass to skip one of them since I’d done a ton of heavy lifting this week. We’ll see how I feel over the weekend. I run a 5K on Saturday, and it will get up to 44 degrees! WTH? It’ll feel like summer.

I finished up my 30 days of yoga today. The last two times I completed that challenge I had to make up classes and double up on some days. But this time I practiced my yoga every day. I didn’t always love it, but I was always happy I did it. I feel so much stronger and more flexible than I did when I started. I even decided to continue on for another 30 days with the hopes to commit to 365 days. I wonder how much better I’d feel after a year of yoga. I reckon I’ll find out.

You can hear the wind INSIDE!

I hope you all survived the polar vortex. This was a rough week in Michigan. I guess I survived. I worked every day, shoveled my driveway, honored all my personal commitments and stayed warm. Right now it’s -2 degrees with a wind chill of -16. I think I’ll stay in tonight. 🙂

P.S. I was going to take some pictures of my shoveled driveway, but it’s too damned cold.

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