Sunday Night Check-In: Loving and Being Loved

Today is Day 16 of no sugar. My mind is clear. I have lots of energy. I’m even starting to think about cleaning up my eating even more. More to come on that should I decide to embark on a new nutritional adventure. I’m not sure why I took to the sugar-free effort so easily this time, but it was like 1) I decided to do it, and then 2) I did it. I’ll take the success. It’s not always this easy.

My daily yoga practice continues. I started on January 1, and I’m still going. I’ve missed a day here and there but only a couple. It’s not about the perfection of doing it every day. It’s about my showing up to show myself some self-love. When I eat healthy foods or practice yoga, I’m telling myself that my needs are important enough to make time for them. I’m also recognizing that I have needs. For most of my life, I was focused on the needs of other people, and I had no clue that I needed anything. It’s a blessing to have that awareness today and to know how to meet them.

Ashok joined me on my mat for yoga.

I had a FaceTime tea date with a friend from Memphis last weekend. My social life here has been rocking, and I have been having marathon Facetime visits with a friend in Houston. I’ve gotten so used to video chats at work that I’m integrating them into my personal life more than ever. The only thing we miss is the hug. Maybe the reason I’m not jonesing for sugar is I’m lit up from the love of my friends.

Love comes in many different packages. There is romantic love, girlfriend love, self-love, the unconditional love from pets, platonic love and the awe-inspiring love of God. I’m rather happy that I’ve had such a long time away from romantic love so I can learn to love in different ways and accept love from all kinds of people. I think that when or if romantic love ever comes along again, I will be a much better lover based on the fact that I have all kinds of love in my life. And if it doesn’t pass my way again, well I am secure in the fact that I am loved very deeply.

So this week I’ll focus on the richness of my friendships and relationships while I go about taking care of myself and showing myself some love. I set an intention on Friday during my morning meditation to focus on the living. I consciously let go of all the “stuff” and drama around me. I listened more intently. I gave more hugs. I made an effort to connect with every living thing in my path. At the end of the day, I was steeped in joy. Giving love and attention boomerangs it right back to you. I quite liked the result.

Are you feeling the love of others? Are you feeling the love of self? What might you do to shift your perceptive and ultimately your reception of love? Who is in your path that needs your love?

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