An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

I’ve been creating new habits. I started Jessica’s Fit Camp in January, and that program is 12 weeks long. I have two weeks left, so I’m going to commit to doing all the workouts this week. It will be tough. But, since it’s almost over, I should be able to do this!

This week I tried to do my workouts in the evening, but I knew that’s like planning to fail. If I want to get the hard ones in I have to roll out of the bed in the morning, grab some coffee and a bite to eat and head to the gym. I hate doing something strenuous that early, but there’s a much better chance I’ll get a workout in if I do it before I’m awake enough to think about it.

I read my Precision Nutrition eMails in the morning first thing. I do that before I get on the news train. Doing something uplifting for myself first thing helps me have a more positive attitude. I’ve begun eating vegetables for every meal as part of the nutrition habits I’m learning. I love roasted root vegetables in the morning. They are chewy, and the roasting brings out all the sugars. That habit is not hard to continue.

I’m back to reading in my spare time. It took a long time to get back in that habit, but now that I’m off Facebook, I can spend long hours with my head in a book. Last week I read Sally Fields’ memoir, and now I’m reading a book called “Salt in our Blood.” It’s the memoir of a woman who is married to a commercial fisherman, and she will be teaching my upcoming writing workshop in Oregon. I’m also reading through another book on journaling and writing about my life to prepare me for the workshop. That book started me on another new habit – journaling everyday in an online journal.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been practicing yoga most days. I’ve gotten a little off track the last two weeks, but, for the most part I’m still continuing a daily practice of yoga. My meditation habit is still solid, and it’s been a part of my daily life for over two years now.

So I’m feeling pretty good about my 2019. The habits I’m developing help with my health and well-being, and they don’t seem to be taking an inordinate amount of time and energy. I imagine most of what I’m doing is actually giving me energy even though it might take time. I know that I’m sleeping better and feel a lot less anxious. I still have a low bout every now and again, but my anxiety is definitely under control.

Today I spotted crocus popping up out of the soil. It is still freezing outside, and we had snow flurries earlier today, but I think the worst is over for this winter. The sun was out this afternoon, and the winter surfers were riding waves in the roiling surf. When we got to the spot where Ashok swims in the summer, she stopped and stared at me. “Do you want to swim in that freezing water?” I asked. I walked closer, and she raced down into the surf. She only stayed a second, but she definitely was a happier canine after that little frosty dip.

Spring is definitely coming. The days are longer. My energy is rising. We have sunny days every now and again. My little Christmas tree still twinkles in the corner, but I expect it won’t be long until I tire of its wintry aura. I’m already dreaming of peaches, cherries, ripe tomatoes and long walks on the beach. Sliced tomatoes will be great for breakfast with some greek yogurt and fresh peaches. Come on daffodils, asparagus and redbud trees. Let’s all try something new!

What habits have you started lately that have shown positive results? What habits would you like to start?

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