Ready to RUN!!

This week is the last week of my Fit Camp series. What should have been 12 weeks turned in to 13 when I took a week off in February to vacation in the Upper Peninsula. Reflecting back on why I invested my time, energy and dollars into this, I have met my goals. I was looking to build strength over the winter and stay motivated to exercise. That period from January to April in the winter in Michigan can be a tough one. The program kept me motivated, and I really did see great results.

The only downside to my plan is that I think I’d rather be a bit more social. Since the workouts can be done at home (which is nice) or on my own at the gym, I didn’t attend classes or meet new people. The upside to that is that I could do them whenever I wanted. Next year I’d love to recruit someone local to do them with me.

With the end of that program, I need to look ahead to what I want out of the summer. I do love the fact that I am creating “seasons” which adds variety to my workouts. There is a group at work who is looking to do the Ragnar Relay at the end of September, and I’m already signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15K in November. That means that I need to be able to run 6-9 miles by fall. The Ragnar is a 24-hour 200-ish miles relay to be completed by a team of 12. Anybody want to join us? We’ll run from Muskegon to Traverse City. It should be amazing!

Ragnar Relay Race Course

I would like to make running more social this year. Some of my Ragnar compadres might like to run together. I could also join up with the weekly running groups associated with the Sunset Coast Striders. Or I could find a running partner or two. After several years of coaching with Jessica, I know what to do. She can coach me on my nutrition plan this year, and I can run on my own. I am looking forward to some new activities in the next 6 months or so.

Meanwhile… I’m recruiting friends for the Ragnar Relay September 27-28 and the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago the first weekend in November. Whether you want to spend a weekend in a van running through the amazing coastal scenery in northern Michigan, or you would prefer to run the lakefront in Chicago while gorging on chocolate, there’s a challenge for you. Pick your poison and join me! Either way, we’ll have a blast and you’ll get that booty in shape. Before you know it, the leaves will be turning and fall will be upon us. Let’s make it an active summer.

Have a great weekend! It’s Friday, y’all!

2 Comments on “Ready to RUN!!

  1. Love this! And props a MILLION for finishing your program so strong!!
    So wish I could join you for at least one of those races, but I’m supposed to be sticking to DIRT. =[
    Let me know if you get interested in a trail race!

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