My Favorite Adventurers

I woke up this morning and had a chance to read my friend Sallie’s new blog. Sallie and John are on an adventure. They are in their mid-60s, practically newlyweds and retired (John for about a year). They traveled the U.S. on several trips last year, but this year they sold everything they own (including their house and all their furniture) bought backpacks and are traveling the world.

Sallie started her blog, You and Me, Odyssey, for this trip. She’s always read mine, and she thought it was a good way to send news back home and to make a scrapbook of their journey. Her blogs have been filled with lovely details of their meals and locales for the last few weeks. But, her post this morning on getting lost is the one I found myself liking best.

I think the biggest adventure is to embark on a journey inside. How do you react to things outside your control? Why? Does this bring up feelings reminiscent to your reaction to something in your history? Who are you really in comparison to what you show the world? What happens to you emotionally when you exit your comfort zone?

If you want to keep up with Sallie and John, you can find her blog here. I told her on her first post I was looking forward to see how her writing evolves and becomes richer. It’s already happening. I’m going to keep reading.

Thank you, Sallie! Enjoy your cruise. Hopefully you’ll have more time to write!

2 Comments on “My Favorite Adventurers

  1. What a fabulous decision for them to make, I love it! I’m going to pop over there right now… thanks for sharing šŸ™‚ G

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