Just Call Me The Streak

When I was a little girl, one of our favorite outings was to go to Baskin-Robbins to get ice cream. Now mind you these were the days when the thought of a store offering 32 flavors was mind-boggling. Before Baskin-Robbins arrived in Baton Rouge, we were limited to the regular flavors of Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and the semi-exotic Butter Pecan (if you could find it).

My cousin Marilyn, Momma, my siblings and I were standing at the counter one night in the early 70s (I must have been about 12) when somebody yelped and we all looked outside the plate glass window to the sidewalk. A naked man in tennis shoes ran by with all of his appendages jiggling. The adults were horrified, but I remember being delighted at the sheer rebelliousness of the act. It was the first and only streaker I would ever see in person.

When I was still on Facebook, I was curious about a page that turned up about streakers. I was mildly disappointed that this wasn’t a group of naked streakers, but I was intrigued by the group. The site was affiliated with Runner’s World and apparently all of these people were committed to running a mile every day. There were fat people, skinny people, kids, seniors and even disabled people. One mile a day is such a manageable distance that virtually everyone can do it.

I’ve been thinking about doing a run streak, and I even attempted one once. I never pulled it off the ground. But this month’s Runner’s World outlines 39 reasons to lace up everyday or to find another “streak” of your choice. I suppose you could call my 30-day yoga challenges a streak. A streak is anything thing you set about doing every single day for any specified amount of time. Some people have an ongoing streak that they hope they never stop, others have streaked until their wedding day and still others streak with the Runner’s World team from Memorial Day til July 4. One guy has done several streaks and suggests that you always have an end-point so you can celebrate your accomplishment.

The Raven

One of the featured streakers was an old guy called the Raven. He has run 8 miles everyday on Miami Beach for decades. His back is out, and he has all kinds of health problems but he still runs 8 miles every damn day. The named sound familiar, and I remembered that my friend Gerry in Memphis has mentioned running with the Raven. He gives everybody nicknames after you run with him, and Gerry’s is Cheesey. Running with the Raven is a sort of pilgrimage. It would be attractive to me if it was not in Miami. The heat and I have a hate-hate relationship.

My run this morning…. Day 1 Mini-Streak

So I thought I might try a streak from Memorial Day to July 4 this year. Running a mile a day would be good for me. I’d have to get out in all kinds of weather or use the treadmill. My mile runs will take 12-15 minutes. That is doable. Ashok is slowing down on her running, but she could do a mile with me. That way we can continue to do what we love to do together but I can take my longer runs on my own without feeling guilty for leaving her.

I am on vacation in Oregon this week. I decided I’d do a mini-streak this week just to see how running a mile a day feels. I’ll have lots of ocean scenery to keep it interesting, and I have plenty of time. I started this morning with a run to Starbucks. It was longer than a mile, but this was my regular running workout not necessarily a “streak” run. But, hey, let the streaking begin!

Anybody up to join me for a running streak (or walking or yoga or anything else) Memorial Day to July 4? Let me know!

7 Comments on “Just Call Me The Streak

  1. You go girl! Where are you in Oregon? We were there last summer and loved it. Just got to Prague today and arrived in the middle of the Prague Marathon. I experienced equal parts jealousy and relief.

    • Sounds awesome! I’m in Lincoln City on the coast. I’m planning tomorrow’s run right now. Hey I’ve been trying to find you on What’s-app. What is your UserID? Have a great time!

      • I’ve been on different sim cards, first one in Portugal, now Czech Republic. John is trying to arrange for me to send you a note via Whats App

  2. Good luck on your streaking. You can do it for sure. What’s up with Ashok? I hope she’s not ill.

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