Transitioning to Home

I love having a day to transition back to my real life from a vacation. I detest getting home late on a Sunday night and having to wake up to a workday the next morning. I need a day. In this case, I had the luxury of two days. I slept most of Saturday because I spent the night at O’Hare waiting for the airport shuttle. It was sort of an adventure, but I was exhausted when I got home. I took a great long nap, and when I woke up I was so happy to be covered up with my fur babies.

I ran my mile for my run streak yesterday, and I spent some time talking with my friend Alayne on FaceTime, but, other than that, I was lazy. It felt good to be lazy, and I went right back to sleep early.

This morning I woke up to some of my souvenirs. I had Marionberry preserves on my toast, some decaf coffee from Left Coast coffee roasters and I drank it out of my pretty little mug I bought at the Pendleton store. I got my mile done early, and I rested. I thought about my early running runs in Oregon and how I felt like my 2019 running season finally kicked in. I giggled when I remembered my friend Jill and I sampling Marionberry cobbler at virtually every place we could find it. And I remembered all the lovely classes we had. It was a really good place, and it reinforced to me how much I love learning new things.

The end of Thursday’s Marionberry Cobbler

I searched for some hiking trips for next year on Road Scholar. I’ll definitely go on another one as soon as I can. There’s a cool one hiking in the Adirondacks and another one in the Upper Peninsula. I met so many wonderful people last week that I’d love to try some more of these. Road Scholar used to be called Elderhostel. Most of the people are my age or older, and it was really encouraging to see that people live well and continue learning and evolving into their 80s.

Marionberry Jam, homemade toast and a veggie omelet.

After lunch I started transitioning back to reality. I took some Great Lakes salmon out of the freezer for dinner, went to the gym for a workout and then loaded up on produce at the Sawyer Garden Center. It’s still rainy and cold here, but the asparagus is in. Fresh asparagus tastes nothing like the store-bought kind. I’ll drive out of my way to get some.

I baked the salmon, roasted new potatoes and steamed that lovely asparagus for dinner. It was a perfect “welcome home to Michigan” meal. I’ve felt jet laggy all day, so I’m just going to rest some more and go to bed early again. Tomorrow will be a whirlwind getting back to work, and Oregon will be be but a memory. I feel reinvigorated about my writing and have some ideas for moving forward in a way that’s meaningful to me. It’ll take me awhile to process all that happened last week, but there’s no rush. Meanwhile I’ll sip my Oregon coffee in my Oregon-made mug and let it take me back to the lovely Oregon coast.

Memories of a great vacation…..

One Comment on “Transitioning to Home

  1. Sounds like you had a productive and successful trip! But it is always so nice to come home, isn’t it? I’ll be interested to see where your writing journey takes you!

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