Living in the Flow

I’d like to write but the topic eludes me. Writing seems so “not present” at the moment. I’d really rather set up a coffee date with you and tell you all about it over a warm beverage.

I tried to find a topic in Chicago this weekend. I wanted to share about the Herculean efforts Alayne and I put forth to get a 3-day pass on CTA. It should have been easy. It wasn’t. The saga ended with a dash to a CVS to buy a card and get our digital pass transferred via the call center that was closing in two minutes. The whole effort forced us to talk to multiple people in Chicago – nobody had an answer – and to take some chances. Alayne said when she is trying to work something out with a tight deadline she imagines the Mission Impossible theme song playing in her head. It got us through and added a little fun to the drama.

I would write about that, but it seems less interesting on the page than when I was doing it. I also want to write about this lovely coffee shop (Oromo Cafe) that we visited twice because we just couldn’t get enough of their healthy and creative coffees and treats. I actually bought an $8 pistachio and rose latte that was worth every penny. Homemade pistachio milk was laced with ground up rose petals and espresso. It inspired me to come right home and make some homemade almond milk and to try some new nut milk recipes. I would write about that, but I haven’t explored it enough to come up with a tale.

Pistachio and Rose Latte – $8 and worth every penny

I would also like to write about my Precision Nutrition journey which is really making a difference in driving consistency in my eating habits and killing slowly my bad habits in emotional eating. I ate more than usual in Chicago. It was vacation. But I found myself making much better food choices and eating more intentionally the entire time. Yes, I had treats. But I didn’t overdo it. And for most meals it ate pretty healthfully. Even if I didn’t, I ate slowly and stopped before I got too full. That’s progress.

Morning walk down the Riverwalk

I’d like to write about how beautiful it is in Southwestern Michigan in the moment. The fresh asparagus is in, and I’m eating it every day that I can. Spring flowers are starting to die but the summer ones are coming in. The weather is weird. It was 52 degrees when I left work on Tuesday. It’s just about 10 degrees cooler than I would like but I know that will come soon enough. Then I’ll be complaining about the heat. But I want to be present and just flow with the weather right now enjoying rain and sunshine and growing grass. Writing about it seems like wasting precious minutes.

My girl is getting old.

There are so many things I’d like to write about right now. Work is interesting for a lot of different reasons, but I’m still working through it. I am finally seeing traction in community-building here, and that’s worth a post. My diet is evolving and I’m exploring new food options. That could be an interesting writing topic. Buster and Ashok are aging, and I have so many feelings about that. Writing about it would probably help me sort that out. But right now I feel at peace. I don’t want to tax my brain to research something and then write. I don’t want to edit. Today I’d rather enjoy, be present and flow. And if I get in the mood to write, I will. In fact, I think I just did.

Be present, y’all. Don’t miss your life.

6 Comments on “Living in the Flow

  1. Well written piece about not wanting to write! I’ve learned it’s never too late to refocus on good eating habits, even though emotional eating sits on my shoulder, rubbing its hands together in anticipation of opportunities to tempt me into choosing high-calorie foods. Enjoying your blog!

  2. Now that I am blogging I know what you mean about living in the present. It’s easy to start thinking about experiences as how they will fit into the writing instead of just being present in the moment.

    • Yes it is! It is great for remembering and good motivation for researching things you might not otherwise research. But it can take you away from just living.

  3. For a piece about not wanting to write, it is very well written. I’ve missed seeing you and Ashok on Facebook. I need to check my “social” tab more often, I guess. Just how old is Ashok now? She looks so sweet. I, too, am dealing with an aging pup. Gracie is 12 and after a series of seizures, is now deaf. We deal, but it’s tough.

    • Awww. Poor Gracie. Ashok is 10. She still gets around and loves her walks. But running is history I’m afraid. I miss you too.

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