It’s All Relative

“Geez, It’s so hot,” I thought to myself as I glanced at the 76 degree temp on my dashboard. I chuckled at the thought that a Louisiana girl would think 76 degrees was hot. That’s sweater weather, honey!

My favorite kind of weekend is on the horizon… unscheduled, sunny and “Michigan hot” which is not so hot. With the July 4th holiday behind us, summer is halfway over. The warm weather window – which just opened in late June – will close in a hot second, and we’ll be onto apples, cider and pumpkin lattes. But for now, I’ll not wish my life away. The breeze gently blows at my coffee spot as I chat up the other customers enjoying the day and the fabulous coffee.

A woman walked out of Forte’ Coffee and said “You look familiar.” “Sharon King, Whirlpool,” I replied. I had communicated with her on LinkedIn when I was hiring for an Instructional Designer. She applied for my role but was way overqualified. “You rejected me,” she said with a laugh. We found some common ground with our love of the outdoors, and I told her to keep looking at our website. Change is always in the air.

I’m three years into my stint at Whirlpool in Michigan. It was July 2, 2016 when I got the call for an interview on Main Street in Bay St. Louis. My first day was almost exactly a month later. And this move has been everything I hoped it would be. Michigan is a place of wild, natural beauty, my work is meaningful and challenging, and I’m rarely hot anymore. I’m thinking it’s time to move. LOL. Just kidding. Maybe. Hmmm...

So many things are relative. When I think of the problems I have at work, I remember the problems I’ve had at other companies which were so much worse. When I break a sweat at 76 degrees, I remember walking Ashok at 5 AM in Baton Rouge in July. The humidity cloaked and choked me even at that hour, and more often than not, Ashok protested the heat by sitting in the middle of the road. “Why are we here in this swamp?” her face implored.

When people ask me what place I’ve liked best, I can’t really give a straight answer. There are gifts and problems everywhere, and it’s all relative to what I had before. After living in a place that’s really cold, warm seems best. After living in a sauna, cold is refreshing. After being lonely in a city, a small town seems nice. For me I suppose, variety and freedom is best. Place is not all that important. I like having the ability to move about the planet.

My weeks are highly structured and over-scheduled, so this unstructured weekend provides a contrast that feels healthy. The Krasl Art Fair is on the bluff today and tomorrow. I cleared space for a yoga room in my house last week. I might have to go down and see what appeals to me for that space. I’d also like to get out in the woods with my dog. A nice long nap seems good, too. Then again, Chicago shopping sounds fun. Maybe I’ll just decide in the moment. One thing is for sure. I don’t need to pack a sweater.

What do you have on your agenda for the weekend?

2 Comments on “It’s All Relative

  1. Hello dear one!! I’m beginning to get tired of the humidity!! I was outside today and thought to myself, I sure miss sitting outside and just enjoying nature. My soul misses being in the mountains and feeling cool nights. I’ve lived being in Houston and like it in the winter, but certainly would like to be elsewhere cooler in the summer!!! Colorado is calling me and I think we’ll start looking for a place there. Peace and quiet. I smiled when you thought it was warm at 78. You’ve adjusted!! Blessings to you sweet lady. Kiss Ashok for me!!😊😘😘

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