A Move into the Unknown

Today is moving day! No, I’m not leaving Michigan on a whim. I’m moving at work. I have a new role, a new desk and a new boss. I actually really liked the old role, the old desk and the old boss, but I’m also very excited about the change. I get to learn new things. In fact, this afternoon is completely booked with meetings on a topic that is entirely new to me, and I’m responsible for the work! Yay!

Reorganizations are so common. I often reorganize on my own. Getting a new job, moving across country and setting up your life in another state is a reorganization. I still get a new role, a new desk and a new boss. The driver is different.

There are many reasons why companies or people or groups reorganize, but the common objective is to find synergy in the new structure. (I know you are thinking that you really didn’t want to read a business blog. That’s why you are reading Midlife Moments. Why don’t I write about online dating or camping or even sex? That would be so much more fun. Sorry. I promise this won’t be that bad.) Synergy sounds like a corporate term, but it’s really not. It just means finding the sweet spot when you combine efforts with someone else or some other entity. Together you can do more – hopefully – than you can do individually.

Synergy is one of those magical equations that you really can’t really control. When I moved to Louisiana, I thought being in a place I called home and moving into higher education would be a great combination. But there were too many barriers. There were too many leaks in the dike to ever get synergy in that role or in my life there. It was one of the reasons I found coming back here so attractive. I remembered the synergy I felt in this organization earlier in my career. I wanted to experience that again.

I don’t know what will happen in this reorganization. Nobody does. The risky part of developing strategy is that what looks beautiful in theory may not look so beautiful in execution. Other times things come together almost against the odds when there is no clear plan in place. Only time will tell what will happen here. But I get to move today. It’s a physical step into a new direction. These days are happy days for me. Let’s do this!

In what areas of your life, do you have real synergy? Where do you need to reorganize?

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