Sunday Night Check-In: A Michigan Summer’s Bounty

It was hot yesterday. It was Louisiana hot. I got out in the morning but opted to spend the afternoon inside in the AC washing clothes, cooking, and basically getting my chores done. I made some homemade mouthwash with essential oils and baking soda mixed with water. I love it. It’s simple and refreshing and supposed to work just fine.

The rain yesterday evening cooled everything down. I checked the Weather Channel and it looks like we will be in the 70s all week. So this morning I headed over to Forte coffee for some decaf and writing. It was a lovely morning, and I got to visit with Brian, the owner. This coffee shop is my favorite these days. The coffee is good. The staff knows my name, and they love dogs. They even offer free treats for my girl.

Just this week Ashok has stopped being able to jump up into the car. It’s been a slow decline that started this winter, and she’s just not gotten back to speed this year. We’ve been walking instead of running, and I’m having to pick her up and put her in the car now. I can tell she hates it. She looks sheepishly embarrassed. I keep reminding her that we are going to do this together. We will keep going out, and I’ll help her when necessary. She’s my girl, and I’m going to give her a full life of fun and entertainment. But I am going to ask the vet if there’s anything we can do at this point. Last year she said no not yet. But I think maybe it’s time.

Saugatuck MI

We took a ride to Saugatuck and enjoyed the cool breeze off the lake while people-watching and taking a walk around town. It started to rain a bit more, so we loaded up and drove over to Crane’s Pie Pantry for some blueberry pie. At least once a summer I like to come over and get pie. Today they had music on the patio, so Ashok got to hang out and visit with the kids. Afterwards we drove over to Evergreen Lane Farm & Creamery for some of their wonderful cheese. The farmer told me about a lavender farm down the road that was in peak season. She said I really should go by.

Favorite Fennville Stops

I drove the 5 miles to Summerhouse Lavender Farm and was so happy I did. This farm was lovely. They had sitting areas all around the place where you can sit and enjoy the scent of the lavender all around you. A tent in the center was set up for massages. I talked to Carol, the owner, in the store and she said they just opened a few years back and were doing pretty well. I could see why. I took Ashok for a walk around the place. It was just lovely. After buying a candle and a small bottle of essential oil, I said good-bye and made the trek back home.

Summerhouse Lavender Farm

For dinner I had sliced local peaches, local cherry tomatoes and crackers topped with that lovely cheese. After my yoga practice, I did a gratitude meditation. The teacher asked me to think of the things that happened today that made me grateful and get in touch with how it made me feel at the time. I felt the cool breezes today that were in such stark contrast to yesterday’s heat. The scent of lavender wafted over my nose and I listened again to those lively conversations I had with the farmers. Local farms and beautiful forests flew past just like they had on my drive around the countryside. And the sweet goodness of fresh blueberries baked into a pie melded with vanilla ice cream on the tip of my tongue.

Michigan is lovely this time of year. Residents are happy because it’s not cold. The tourists are happy because they are on vacation. The food is fresh and plentiful, the air is clean and crisp with the smell of growing things, and Lake Michigan is calm and clear. I find myself doing the “math” counting down the days until the summer is over and fall begins. While fall is actually my favorite season here, it is the bookend that signals the coming of the long winter. But counting only rushes it past. I’ll sit in gratitude for this beautiful summer day and look forward to next weekend when there is more to come.

What are you grateful for this weekend? Did you do anything fun? Eat anything good?

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