In the Wake of Change

I just started a new job. I’m in the middle of the first few weeks of adjustment. I walked into a meeting the other day and realized I didn’t know anybody in there very well. It was weird. All of a sudden I feel like I’ve been assigned a new family, and I have to learn all of the new rules. Although it is a bit unsettling, it’s kind of exciting.

This role change was the result of a massive reorganization. Every last one of us is checking org charts to see who’s in charge of what and wondering what the new normal will look like. Since it was such a big change, we are moving physically as well. Vacuums are interrupting meetings as they clean out dust and offices. Desks that have long been empty are now being filled. The people in charge of the moves are running up and down the hallways escorting employees loaded down with boxes to their new workspace. I’ve had to develop new habits for parking, storing my lunch, scheduling meetings and even get to use a new lady’s room. I know some people get anxious with change, but I actually love times like these. Moving things around shifts energy and makes room for new outcomes.

I walked around our new “neighborhood” the other day and chatted with all of my new neighbors. Another group is moving in from another location this week. We will be having a little welcome celebration in the morning. For some reason, I volunteered to bake. About 10 years ago I stopped baking. I had too much to do. It wasn’t enjoyable anymore. It was to fattening. Blah … blah … blah. It’s kind of fun to bake, but I just didn’t have the desire to do it anymore. So I quit.

My Savory Corn Pudding with Prosciutto

Maybe I’m just excited about the move and offering some good food to my new work family. Or maybe I’m feeling better with the summer sun providing Vitamin D on a regular basis. Whatever the reason, I really got into it this weekend. I made banana bread and a savory fresh corn pudding that looks delicious. While I was at it, I decided to cook min-frittatas to freeze for breakfasts and lunches the next few weeks. I even pre-cooked meals for the week. Now I’m exhausted.

My new team is overwhelmingly male. My former team was mostly women, and, for the last 10 years or so, I’ve worked with largely female teams. I could literally feel the difference in the energy the first couple of days in my cubicle. Not only was it different to hear so many male voices but the dynamics changed significantly.

Kelly, one of my direct reports chatted me: They are throwing things over here.

Me: Really? Well, throw it back.

Kelly: We can throw things? This is awesome!

Me: Well we have to fit in. If they are throwing things, we have to throw them back!

So now we throw things all day long with our peers across the aisle and down the row. I even tried to kick something one day but that was a major embarrassment. I wonder if my sudden desire to start baking is my estrogenic response to a sea of testosterone? Hmmm…. this could be interesting. At least it will be easy to find someone to open my jars and carry heavy objects!

6 Comments on “In the Wake of Change

  1. The corn casserole was delicious, btw!!! Thanks for writing these things, as I am feeling the same.

  2. We are going through some big changes at my work as well. It’s a small, family-owned company and the boss (age 84!) is getting ready to retire. His son will be in charge now and it is interesting to see some new ideas being introduced, but things are still up in the air enough that I’m not sure in what direction the company is moving. I definitely could use some of your “it’s kind of exciting” perspective, but for now, it’s a bit bewildering and a teensy bit scary. Just gotta keep our heads up and moving forward, right?

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