Adventures with an Aging Ashok Part 2

Ashok received her first acupuncture treatment about a week and half ago. I’ve been seeing gradual improvement. She seems excited about walking again, and the old spark is back in her step. It’s not a puppy-sized spark, but it’s improvement just the shame.

There is a field next to our house and her habit since we moved here has been to run around in wild circles, tail wagging. The first year we were here, she’d pace out two large circles before running back to me. Later the circle count went to one. For the last 6 months or so, she no longer looked up at me to signal she wanted to run. Sunday we walked past the field and she stopped to look up at me with an eager dog smile on her face. “You want to run?” I asked aloud. Her eyes lit up. She raced happily in a big loop, her eyes brimming with delight. It made my day.

Monday was her second appointment. We’ve been watching her liver numbers as they’ve been a tad elevated. Dr. Tulson said they were up a tad more. She recommended I put her on diet of whitefish and potatoes (sweet and white) for two weeks to see if that helps. She said her elderly dog does great when she’s on that diet intermittently.

She spent her time with Ashok placing a few needles and massaging her acupuncture points. She saw less “deficiencies” this time. When I asked what that meant, she said there were fewer blockages in her chi (energy). Ashok was even telling her where to massage by turning around or placing another body part by her hand. Dr. Tulson said horses are particularly good at self-prescribing massage and treatment points, and she said Ashok was pretty good at it, too. I found myself wishing I was getting a massage soon. Maybe I need to self-prescribe as well.

Acupuncture is not like Western Medicine. It’s not a dramatic cure for anything although the results can be dramatic cumulatively. I know this from my own experience. Over time and with the right care, our bodies can heal themselves. Acupuncture encourages and clears the energetic pathways so the body can do its thing. Of course as we get older the process is slower.

Monday night I took her out for her walk, and she seemed particularly energetic. A bunny in a nearby yard sparked her prey instinct, and she nearly pulled me down as she leaped in response. The entire walk she was ahead of me, pulling on the leash and eagerly trotting down the street. It was good to see my old girl back. In her younger days, I’d urge her to “heel” and pull her back, but I thought I’d just let her run. We both deserved that.

So now I’m boiling whitefish and potatoes, and Ashok is enjoying less kibble and more unprocessed food. She’s lapping up the juice saved from the boiling like it’s a doggy delicacy. If nothing else, she’s better hydrated. She loves it! We’ll see in two weeks if it made a difference.

2 Comments on “Adventures with an Aging Ashok Part 2

  1. Great news! Your girl has a lot of fans, me included. I hope she continues to improve.

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