Snap… and It’s Here

Yesterday in St. Joe

A cold snap came through this week. It was still 75 degrees yesterday, but with the low humidity I opened up my windows and let the breeze blow through the summer cobwebs and stale air-conditioned air. The cool respite is a reminder that fall is coming, the crowds are leaving and apples are ready for picking.

This summer on a business trip I volunteered to take a later flight home and scored $700 worth of Nordstrom gift cards. I spent most of it earlier in the year, but I sat down yesterday and spent the last $250 on a lovely quilted jacket, a sweater and a thermal top. I can’t wait to wear them.

This summer – with the motivation of my free money – I indulged in a pair of expensive Paige jeans and discovered why people would spend $200 on a pair of jeans. They are as comfortable as the softest tights. They have the sexy look of a tight-fitting pair of jeans with the added benefit of sculpting my middle-aged body into a more fit-looking form. I am hooked. My tastes in clothes is a problem. I’ll never be able to retire but I’ll definitely be dressed well.

I haven’t been running this summer. Ashok doesn’t have it in her anymore, so that took away some of my motivation. I decided I’d only run if I wanted to, and I just never really felt the desire. I dusted off my old Garmin and have been walking 10,000 steps per day (about 5 miles). I’ve found that very motivating. On nights when I have a couple thousand steps left toward my goal, I will actually get my dog out and finish it up. It’s keeping me moving. One day this week the thought crossed my mind that I might like to step it up a bit. But I didn’t.

My friend Autumn told me Friday night that she had started running again, and I felt like the Universe was nudging me to reconsider my running hiatus. It was so beautiful and cool yesterday morning. All of a sudden I felt that old urge to run. I laced up my shoes as soon as I could and did a 1 min run/1 min walk for 3 miles. It felt great. And it was gradual enough that I don’t feel sore this morning. I still missed my girl trotting alongside me, but I suppose I need to let that go.

The snap of coolness is freaking people out. Either they are excited that fall is coming or they are traumatized by the inevitable cascade into winter. I’m going to put up my holiday tree again this year and keep it around until the snow melts. The twinkling lights brought me a sense of joy last year while the polar vortexes wreaked havoc outside. I love the coziness of winter. I’m looking forward to hunkering down and bundling up for long nights of sleep and lots of good reading. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have about 3 months before it settles in. I aim to enjoy every moment.

Ashok and I made the trek to Saugatuck this morning. I brought a jacket, and tourists are walking around wrapped in light sweaters over their shorts, ready to take advantage of the afternoon sun. Tourist traffic is light as next weekend will be the monster for these little beachfront towns. I still haven’t decided what I’ll do. I’ll either opt for a staycation or go stealth camping in the backcountry. Campgrounds on holiday weekends are amateur hour – too much partying and loud music for my tastes.

At any rate, Labor Day weekend is a turning point here. As for today, I’ll let myself settle into summer so I don’t miss one moment of this beautiful Michigan weather.

What’s happening in your neck of the woods? Got plans for the holiday?

6 Comments on “Snap… and It’s Here

  1. I hope you are ok with the fall coming on. It’s been such an odd summer for us. Two weeks ago I was in Northern Ireland wearing a wool sweater and light jacket. Yesterday I was swimming in Lake Bled in Slovenia and it hit me that Labor Day is a week from tomorrow! Where did the summer go? We should have more warm weather heading down to the Adriatic Coast so I will enjoy that. So different from Louisiana or Georgia!

    I envy you your new clothes. I am so tired of my travel wardrobe after almost five months! I may need to do a refresh soon.

    Enjoy your running.


    • I love the fall. Summer is actually my worst season although it is nice to save the time spent bundling up. I’ll be fine through mid-January. Then the doldrums set in for a month or three. But it’s no different than how I felt July through Sept in Louisiana. I just realized last night I have now lived in Michigan longer than I lived in Louisiana.

      • Yes, I agree that the summer heat in Louisiana is unbearable. Remarkable that you’ve now been in Michigan longer than your last time in Louisiana

  2. It’s so weird reading about other bloggers’ weather: here in Oz we are gearing up for a long, hot, dry summer, and I’m personally dreading it. Give me Spring, Autumn or Winter any day.
    On a lighter note, I too recently treated myself to a $200 pair of G-Star Raw jeans, and yes, they are the most comfortable pair of trousers I’ve ever put on!

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