Shifting into Monday

I realized last night that I have now lived in Michigan longer than I lived in Louisiana on my second round. Of course, I lived my whole childhood there so it’ll take a while to surpass that. I’m starting to feel like I have a full life here. I have things to do with friends every weekend. My routine suits me. I walk to the beach or in the neighborhood every evening. The rhythm of the changing seasons is starting to feel normal.

It’s going to storm today, and for the next 10 days it’s nothing but highs in the 70s. The temps are coming down. I’m focusing on tracking my protein intake this week. I struggle because I really don’t like meat that much. I eat beans, peas, lentils, full-fat yogurts and eggs, but it’s often right on the edge of being enough to maintain muscle. I’m eating more fish these days, and I have a great local source for Great Lakes fish. Last night I sautéed Lake Perch in some exquisite olive oil I purchased for a small fortune in St. Louis last year.

It’s raining already so I won’t be able to get out for my steps this morning. That means I’ll need a long walk this evening in addition to stepping it up at work. I’m working on strategy for my new organization with the other leaders in my group. I’m excited to be thinking about building our function and trying out the ideas that have been bubbling up for awhile. Finding time for it amid the chaos of the day-to-day stuff is the challenge. But it’s like anything else. If I don’t make time for planning, I’ll be lost in a quagmire of conflicting needs.

I did a loving kindness meditation this morning. It always puts me in a great frame of mind to connect with others and see those people who pass me in the hallway in a better light. Remembering that we all are looking for love and acceptance in the midst of our struggles helps me be more compassionate and friendly. It’s a great way to start off a Monday.

Ashok is softly snoring, Bella is asleep at my feet, and Buster is cooing while he purrs in my lap. A soft thunder rumbles in the distance. My oolong chai is percolating soft energy into my veins while my mind starts to make the shift from being relaxed and self-focused at home to focusing on the work tasks before more. I take one more deep, long breath and settle into my sofa for a last relaxing moment. “MOVE!” my Garmin urges. Okay. Let the workweek begin.

Happy Monday, y’all!

2 Comments on “Shifting into Monday

  1. Hope you have a peaceful & productive week, Sharon – if those two things can go together?

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