Just Wishin’

On my way to the gym this morning, one of my favorite songs popped up on the radio.

It passed right by my sleepy mind as I rushed to finish a treadmill run and get home in time to wash my hair before work. But it came on again when I turned the key for my short commute. This time I had a chance to dream. I don’t really care if every car has a truck bed or if Cooter’s runs out of Bud Light, but there’s a few things I wish, too.

I wish cancer was only talked about in history books.

I wish women were kinder to other women.

I wish Facebook would return to the old days when it was photos, quotes and cat videos.

I wish that old people were respected more rather than less.

I wish that whoever invented the weekend would have made it three days.

I wish that you could work out in January and not have to do it again until the next year.

I wish that every child would have the kind of childhood where they don’t have to question the love of family.

I wish that money did actually grow on trees.

I wish that retirement was guaranteed and paid vacation was a right.

I wish that ice cream was healthy and cheesecake didn’t make you fat.

I wish love was as uncomplicated in adulthood as it was in high school.

I wish mean people would feel consequences immediately after their meanness.

I wish an apology would actually erase a misstep.

I wish snow would stay pretty and white and everybody got to stay home to play in it.

I wish new cars didn’t come with payments and houses were a dime a dozen.

I wish God worked faster or gave me a head’s up He was on it so I wouldn’t worry.

And I do agree with Riley on one thing. I wish good dogs wouldn’t die gray and old. That just don’t seem fair.

Since I’m wishing, what do you wish?

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