Hello Winter

It was a beautiful day today. I took Ashok for a walk by Lake Michigan. Temps were in the low 40s, and everybody was out. Parents with strollers lined the sidewalks taking in the warmish day before the holiday rush and the onset of winter. Leaves blowing all over the place reminded me that the gentle shoulder seasons are winding down. In a matter of days, it will all be covered in snow.

I put up my tree this weekend. I haven’t decorated it with anything but it’s sparkly and colorful standing there naked. I’m trying to decide what to do. I haven’t put up a tree or dragged out my Christmas decorations in many years. I know that when I open the box there will be memories that I truly don’t want to deal with at the moment. I have always had a traditional tree with ornaments as mementos. But when times change or relationships end, opening that Pandora’s box at one of the most emotionally dicey times of the year can be most unpleasant. I think I’ll pass this year.

I’m considering a theme tree. Maybe it’s time I bought all new ornaments and celebrate my new life in Michigan. Or perhaps I’ll do what I saw last night at a local concert. The tree was plain except for some glittery traditional glass balls of different colors. It was cheerful and pretty and didn’t evoke anything in me but holiday cheer. I could also try vintage ornaments… ornaments about animals … lighthouses … there are endless possibilities. I think I’ll just sit on it until something strikes me.

I’m trying to plan for my winter hiatus. It’s easy to get depressed with all the time spent inside, but I really like the coziness of the darkness and winter. Last year I got through it by going to gym more regularly and committing to a strength training program. I’ll do something similar this year, but I’d also like to get out and run in the snow on occasion. It helps to get outside even if it’s dark. I’ve been looking at rugs for my living room, and I’m thinking I might get a new rug to add some coziness and maybe even consider an electric fireplace. I also signed up for a tea club. Hot tea instead of coffee would probably keep me saner.

I would like to commit to a winter diary this year. It would help provide topics for blogging and maybe inspire me to get out and do some interesting things. I won’t write every day, but I’d like to try to write 2-3 times a week. And I can include lots of pictures of this beautiful place where I live. One day I won’t live here anymore, and I’d love to remember what it was like to live in the snow.

2 Comments on “Hello Winter

  1. I like your tree! I love the idea of a themed tree. Sometimes (if football season is going well), I do an LSU themed tree. In other years, when I do not want to think about football, I have a red and white theme that I do. I find a lighted tree so comforting in the yucky winter months.

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