Winter Diary: Wind, Wool and a Wonderful Read

Lake Michigan smashes into winter with a vengeance. Wind-whipped waves churn the silvery green water into an angry sea. I could hardly walk against the hurricane-force winds today at lunch after a steamy bowl of chili warmed my tummy. Brrr… I wish I’d known the temperature would drop so much. I might have worn a coat.

A huge tree fell blocking the street this afternoon. I had just passed there on my way to my favorite bakery. Thankfully it fell while I was choosing treats for the holiday. Somebody’s fence was not so lucky.

I started reading “The Dalai Lama’s Cat” two nights ago. I was looking for an uplifting read, and it hits the mark. I find myself chuckling out loud on every other page as the “Snow Lion” finds another adventure. More importantly, as the Dalai Lama’s Cat, he is teaching me so many little life lessons along the way. I feel like purring.

Last night my feet were cold. I headed upstairs to pull my wool blanket out of storage this evening before I tucked myself in. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and the wind is howling that winter is finally here.

2 Comments on “Winter Diary: Wind, Wool and a Wonderful Read

  1. Bundle up! I’m very thankful for a canoe trip that ultimately led to a most wonderful friendship. Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend. XOXO

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