Winter Diary: Day 2 Eggnog Latte Season

I left early yesterday to arrive early to my Thanksgiving Dinner location. NPR was playing a special that was of particular interest to my life so I passed up my hosts’ driveway to find a parking lot where I could listen to the end of the show. Luckily for me, the local supermarket was open, and with it, their Caribou Coffee location. I was thrilled that their Fa La Latte was my favorite holiday obsession, an eggnog latte.

Yum yum. I made it last as long as I could, but alas, I always reach the bottom of the cup about a month too early. But I know there will be more where that came from. Tis the season!

Today, I went out for a little Black Friday shopping downtown. Now, St. Joe is just about the cutest little town for the holidays. Streetlamps and storefronts are dressed up in traditional Christmas flair. Holiday tunes play inside, and lots of Christmas treats are available for sampling. It’s so much better than a big box store even if you only walk around for a bit. I dropped a bundle at Wanderlust’s VIP event and then decided to look around some more.

When I had my fill, it hit me that my favorite eggnog latte dealer, The Chocolate Cafe, was near.

“No, you just had one yesterday.”

“So? It’s Christmas. I can have one two days in a row. I won’t make it a habit.”

“Yes, you will.”

“No, I won’t. Okay, well maybe I will, but two in a row is not a habit. I’ll worry about this tomorrow.”

“You’re gonna get fat.”

“Five pounds is hardly fat. I’ll lose it.”

I asked the young man at the counter if they had eggnog lattes yet, and he said no. WTH?! It’s the day after Thanksgiving. It’s full-bore Eggnog Latte season, and they are my SOURCE. After I burst into tears and sat on the floor tearing my curls out, he checked the holiday drink flyer. Yes, they had it. I dried my tears and ordered up a medium. A large would be way too indulgent at this point.

I waited while folks received their massive hot fudge sundaes and ice cream cones, hot chocolate and boxes of Christmas candy. This place – no lie – has eight kinds of hot chocolate. I’ll cover that nonsense in another blog. All of their holiday drinks come with a peppermint cookie. I considered saying no to the cookie but that would be foolish. After all, this is only Day 2 of Eggnog Latte season. I am just getting started.

I opted to bring my caffeinated confection home instead of hanging out, and by the time I got home the icing on the cookie was melted all over the top of the cup. I licked the peppermint deliciousness off the lid and I noticed that the cookies this year are peppermin-iced mint oreos. Yum Yum. I ate it first just as a warmup to the main course.

The first eggnog latte I ever had was in Times Square. I had never seen a Starbucks before, and we stopped by out of curiosity. I was hooked instantly. My Grandma made homemade eggnog every year, and eggnog is my favorite Christmas treat. It was not Grandma’s eggnog, but it was good enough that I’m a non-apologetic addict. And, besides, Grandma is not around anymore, so where would I get the real thing in this day and age?

I try to stick to one a week until I fail and set a goal of only one a day. And then sometimes I can’t even manage that. I’m hopeful that I can control myself this year. Wink wink. Thank heavens it’s not a year-round temptation. I could argue if it was always available, I might get tired of it. Maybe… okay, possibly. Not a chance in hell.

What’s your favorite holiday obsession?

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